New Location: Volcano Valley for Aircraft

I think we need new models/assets. I think thats their point. Alot of stuff looks cheesy, and the map physics are worse than BF2

We don’t need overdetailed pysics,…

last one was moving trees → not optimal, acting weird,…

Map details are not what is the most inclusive for a Vehicule game in mostly 3rd person view (even for SB, this a 3rd person view but placed over Commander cupola)[outside of gunner view and bomber crew view + air SB]

What we need however is to fix core mechanics/issues :

  • Balance overall

  • One death leavers

  • tanks maps (mostly about size and gameplay modes)

  • ships (completely full of bots)

  • Then at the end we can look for graphics,… but since the game engine is not going to evolve faster than the game, you most know that this is a least priority,…

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But thats not a given factor of making better phsyics. Its Gaijin using the cheapest shittiest dev they could find to model that for them. Its just cheap and poor implementation, a side effect by gaijin, not by having better physics.

But of course Gaijin will force us to believe its one or the other. Meanwhile we have games like battlefield 4 which have insanely phenomenal physics and weather affects, with also very good and semi realistic gameplay.

We can have both, but gaijin will simply give us neither

11 year old Beta, remember?

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BETA is finished since 2016, officially.

So only 3 years of open beta. (7 of project within Alpha/Beta).

And then 7 years of Normal function.

They can claim whatever they want

And im a millionaire who owns 3 yachts and 6 vacation homes

This game was never released from Beta lmao. Just like its esports ready…of course. All for marketing.

I gave you OFFICIAL dates,… whatever you can say, those have been set and feasted upon,… now,… your own POV is your own POV,… i don’t have to care about your non-sense

Thats not what I meant haha

I think it would be very interesting to play on this map in helicopters PVE.