New Location: Volcano Valley for Aircraft - Feedback Thread

Meet Volcano Valley!

Volcano Valley is going to be a new aircraft location that will be added to the map rotation when the next major update is released. This brand-new location has a nice mix of beautiful areas, as it features several erupting volcanoes that are spewing hot lava and smoke, beautiful lakes and rocks, plus small islands and majestic hills.

One of the coolest areas of this location is the volcanic massif, consisting of a group of volcanoes that contrast with a picturesque valley where endless birch forest groves stretch. Passing through the center is the beautiful meandering, fast-moving Kamchatka River that also has nearby crystal clear lakes, as well as swampy pools.

Near the volcanoes is a dead forest, which is a rather atmospheric place. This is due to the result of an eruption that turned part of the area with trees into a scorched forest. A layer of ash covers the soil here, and it’s mixed with burnt out lifeless tree trunks that have remained for several decades.

This corner of pristine nature and volcanic eruptions has now become a battlefield of opposing forces for air superiority. You’ll be able to fly out your aircraft on this new location when the new major update releases!

Volcano Valley can be tested on Dev Server.

Please check the new map and leave your feedback in this thread!


Seems like no one is even focused on the new map and more upset about…other things…

Itd be cool if the volcanos affected IR and engines some day

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I mentioned it in the dev blog as a concern and after playing it, I was proven correct. Too much of a flat map. I want to see more mountains to bring more tactics to the low altitude combat.

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Is it a 161x161km EC sized map or is it still one of the smaller maps that are wildly too small for top tier jet gameplay to properly develop?

Good sized EC map. Not overly big, but big enough to coordinate and not have a furball within two minutes. (Coming from someone who wants the bigger, HUGE sim maps in ARB)

Hard not to be pissed about other things when theres some blatantly broken stuff that seems to coïncidentaly affect NATO tech negatively and Russian tech positively…

I know “dev server, not final” but come on, ive played enough time under gaijins boot to know their MO…

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Theres no differently sized EC maps tho…

Theres the 161x161km EC maps (Spain EC, Afghanistan, Vietnam EC, Rocky Canyon (very nice looking, but very badly designed map))

Then theres everything else, all smaller maps. Gaijin didnt increase map sizes on other maps, they just moved the airfields a bit to give the illusion of bigger maps by using more of the map…

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That’s what I mean though. It’s not bunched together in four grid squares lol

I wonder Volcano Valley Air EC map 128 km x 128 km 161 km x 161 km

But I hope gaijin reduce player blue team & red team to 10 x 10 or 8 x 8 for aircraft 10.3 ~ 12.3 & higher 12.3

I hope they can add mechanics such as engine failure when flying into the smoke of the volcano.
It would make the map more interesting.

Ok who’s idea was it that this would be the ONLY map in the rotation ?

I absolutely loathe it. It’s a corridor.
The side that spawns with the the large volcano on its left also gets absolutely smashed most of the matches because they have next to no cover except in the middle which is exactly where you don’t want to be.

noticed some flying trees on the map.

12v12 is fine on full EC sized maps, even 16v16 is pretty ok tbh, but the vast majority of games are not played on these properly sized maps, which is idiotic at this point.

Anything that isnt a full EC sized map at top tier is “bunched together” imo, particularly if the objectives are all pretty close too.

Thats one of the reason the EC maps flow better, ppl can go and do either ground strike or interception of ground strikes all over the map, and then tend to come in towards wherever a fight develops AFTER theyve already done their original objective, which gives the map an actual flow.

Bugs aside, I like the idea of the map but not so much the execution.
Visually it’s a bit… flat. Not flat in the literal sense but that nothing really pops. The geometry and textures look very artificial and generated instead of natural. I don’t know how to explain it better.
As for the gameplay design of the map, please figure out a way to place objectives away from the center of the map and make them actually important for winning a match. Maybe have an objective that’s far away from the center of the map that has sam sites that protect some sort of bunker complex or whatever and ground strikers can go there to remove a large chunk of tickets of the other team.
This way the volcanoes could actually server more of a gameplay purpose because right now they’re too far away from any objectives to have an impact.

over all i think It’s a good map, the Volcano’s look nice.
but as of writing this, there’s a bug which at times makes the Map unplayable.
Somehow It causes you to spawn underground on the runway, other times in the air and you cannot move.

This could be because of the dev patch that happened a couple minutes ago. I don’t have that particular issue. Though the map looks weird now.

Thanks for reports, we have decided to switch the map off from rotation due to some errors. It should return soon :)

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Is this map also known as Kamchatka? If so, that map is also bugged. can provide clips/screengrabs if need be

disregard above, am on wrong version