New Leak List From Olivia

Its a leak list of what? Next update? Or is it still current one?


The whole list is here

KV-1 for Sweden makes sense. Finnland captured them and used them.


I’m honestly surprised the list doesn’t contain any Magach for Israel. Perhaps the new Tirans and Sho’t are there to make them into additional iterations of the Magach line.

İ was actually dissapointed considering Israel still not getting Merkava3D for Tech tree, guess premium version was more important then actual TT variant.

Me too. Mark 3D is important. But in terms of gameplay, it might be better off to use existing Mark 3, which are quite horrible as-is. Gaijin really gave them disproportionately bad mobility.

İt feels like Gaijin made everything wrong about Merkava’s purposely, but hey they at least managed to make reload time beareable after 1.5 year.

Truly snail move.

While this is a real leak list, do keep in mind that Olivia’s leak lists don’t show update vehicles, but simply what vehicles are being worked on.

The Zestörer 45 is a perfect example, being leaked a good while back, but only arrived now.


Yeah. They use reload and armor values as balancing factors, but reload is probably the one less desirable in the current state, even though it was wrong to begin with as well.

why did you leave out the CV9035NL for France? even more stupid than the Swiss hunter imo

i took the image from reddit.

air map “three gorges”
naval map “bering sea”

plz-83 130mm
type-85-II storm

Italy leopard-1a2
LCS (L) (Mark 3) alano 9851

Sweden kv-1 (1942) (finnish)
landsverk ush 204 gk
cv-9035 (dk)

USSR kv-1 (1942)
kv-7 u13

cruiser ram 1

T1E1 90mm

tiran 5 (late)
tiran 5 (late) sh
sho’t meteor

panzerjager panther g2

Hiburi-class escort ship shisaka
Nagato-class battleship nagato
Takanami-class destroyer takanami

cv-9035 (nl)

Doing a new thing where say what older leaks have come true since the last leak

List of new ground targets in the previous leak found in game files
us battleship mississippi, vilkas, and j9 early added to game in the event
Budapest tank map now mentioned in latest CDK release
DD daring class diamond and DD Desaix-Class Kleber in this update’s files
Flakpanzer Zerstorer 45 & Mutsu in this patch

Also I want to say that if you saw a “leak” by “me” between this one and the previous one on this server it was not actually me. This is server is the ONLY source for my leaks.

And as always ponder (with alpha jet)

(full list)

Just general WIP stuff. Olivia, the person who made this new leak, and Orangecat, who made the leaked image you sent, are pretty much universally right. If Olivia or Orangecat says it, there’s a 99% chance it is real.

just not 100% it would come

Of course. Stuff gets canceled, but if Olivia says it, it’s pretty much guarenteed that at least at the time of her saying it, it is in some stage of development.

Yeah that’s what i meant

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Nagato, Shisaka, and the Jagdpanther G2 definitely have my attention! Nice to see more WWII tanks in general, and new maps are always good. Given the name, I hope the Air RB map has actual meaningful terrain.

Leopard 2A4 CAN, Premium, Sqn or event vehicule, whatever it is, I take it. I want CAROLINE

Armor and reload as balancing factors are the worst… Same for equivalent sorts of things for air/naval, using shell accuracy (Hood/Renown 15in) or draft for balance is just ridiculously silly when that’s the entire reason BR exists…