New idea for gameplay mechanic, function etc

Hello WT community,
I hope you guys doin good XD
(English is not my native language. Apologies for the poor choice of words)
I know WT is gettin better. and here is some Topics. I would like devs and community managers to respond to my topics.

  1. More chances for weathers and day/night/etc times.
    Add more weathers in every maps and in every day/night/etc times. ForExample :
    Snowin in night/day/etc, Storm with Thunder in night/day/etc, rainin in night/day/etc.
    Chances for night/day/etc and weathers should be higher as now. I don’t get it why they are
    very rare. its so boring playin in only few weathers in day time. Are we playing Roulette or something
    like that ? ( I dont mean they are should be very common)
  2. Matchmaking…
    WT matchmaking devs are should remove arcade and PvE modes from game. Should be only
    Sim and realistic modes ( I talkin about primary modes not league, events, custom squadron…)
    In Sim mode players can be play CAS and Ground. In Realistic mode players can play as only ground.
    cuz so many players dont like cas. so that’s the solution. about PvE rewards players can get it daily
    when they are playin daily in realistic or Sim. within this solution maybe matchmaking will be faster
    than now.
  3. Tanks Survivability
    I think Tanks should have more Survivability. Now WT Match be like :
    Killin and dead then respawning as another tank then dead again then respawning again as another
    tank then kills 2 tanks. ( little bit borin and unfair match) while me and my few mates killin 3-5
    enemies. bunch of my mates leaves after 1 death. So Tanks should be have more Survivability
    (make it valuable) or give only 2 chances.( like I said in Realistic mode players no need to play as
    CAS) so every players can leave after 1-2 death and not boring. maybe that’s a solution. IDK HAHA

Thanks for reading my Topics. You guys write your comments and arguings below down XD. I would like to exchange ideas and POV with you.

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I would say weather needs to actually effect thermal systems. It also doesn’t effect flight performance as much as I would expect.

Crew survivability should be increased by bringing back a red crew member to orange or yellow.

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In combination with new weather effects, we could do with the kit meant for all-weather operations. Such as:

  • Ground mapping radar
  • radar altimeter in the UI
  • improved Tpod functionality with minor clouds
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I love watching all people who clouds removed
Let make it worse for them

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Ground Arcade is almost FOUR times more popular than ground RB. If they were concerned about queue times that much, it would be ground RB removed, not the other way around, since it would benefit 80% of players, not 20% of players

(I don’t know why they would be that concerned, queue times are fine)

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Okay I dont know why most of players playin AB. That’s suck Mode to me hahaha (auto range calculator by game itself and armor piercing is shows red and green bruhhhh). anyway then they would remove plane from AB. I saw bunch of players every time they are complaining about CAS in High BR.

Yeah, two really tedious things automated, without making it any less challenging to win, since your opponents ALSO get those advantages. Pretty much all the differences are “less historical immersion, more direct fun action pew pew zoom” Same for vehicles moving faster for example, gets you more things actually happening, in exchange for historical immersion. And so on.

So people who prefer just fun and action and don’t really care about WWII tank historical museum immersion (most people) tend toward AB. not saying either is right or wrong, just that most gamers don’t care about historical detail.

Anyway, they should remove CAS from all ground modes as an option at least, but AB alone would be a good start, I agree, if we are starting in only one place.

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Consider that many very popular FPS games don’t even have bullet drop at all, and thus functionally also have a “you will hit here” crosshair in them just like Ground AB, but even easier to use (in those cases it’s just “the middle of your scope”)

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I have read all your idea. very good ideas XD btw You said Most of players dont care about ww2 or actual things they just want to play fun within automated things by game pew pew hahah. sure Thats right. Gaijin would combine RB and AB to AB . haha then Only remove cas in AB.
bunch of players hatin CAS BUT not all players. I mean :
Players who likes CAS will play Sim as cas and tanks and SAM etc
Players who hates CAS will play AB without any flying sh*ts haha

We used to have dynamic weather. A match might start sunny and it would start to rain during the match. Dont know why it was removed.
Night battles were removed because most people hated them.