New hangar HUD thoughts?

What do you guys think about the new HUD Gaijin implemented in the Seek & Destroy update? The new select slot feature is also new.

(don’t mind my epic squadron lodout)

In my thoughts, it’s pretty ugly not gonna lie. And also kind of too bright and almost like turning on night vision in the daytime. I guess the new select feature is cool for being faster at selecting new vehicles or changing old ones.

  • It’s epic!
  • It’s OK
  • I want the old one back
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It is cramped and abysmal to navigate.


It actually looks worse somehow, this feels like going back to Windows XP or something with the square and blocky design when the previous design was more stylized.
It does feel bright and for some reason uncomfortable to look at.


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Also really wondering why they decided the backup number needed the occupy half the bar as if that has the same relevancy as spawn cost.


Or why the crew number is listed in the bottom.

Meanwhile the the spawn points is still chucked away in the corner next to equally important information, the game version.



I dislike it immensely. Only second to the new sounds.

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I have lost my soul. I have almost 500 games with the Su22M3 with it being pivoted and I somehow got a talisman on it. Still a solid plane for shoot a missile and run away. The only 2 advantages + wing sweep for climbing into outer space.

I think the game version is just to “fill up” empty space with the spawn points.


The SP at the top is fine but why in the world do we need to know what # crew it is during battle, completely pointless information and just confusing.

Should have just been this.


I’m not a fan. It feels much more compressed and less fluid than the old design.

The new colours for damaged vehicles aren’t good either. It feels like it’s somehow several years older than it should be, with the 3d-like buttons reminding me of UI design in the late 2000s and 2010s.


it’s perfectly fine IMO, people will get used to it sooner or later

Not like you have a choice, you always have to get used to bad changes.

I can’t tell the difference mate, I honestly think it’s okay.

Welcome to 90% of their UI decisions the past 3 years.

Looks bad when you’re in match where it would show the image redded out to show you couldn’t spawn it, but now you have to look at the SP to see if you can.

On the whole it’s quite nice,
still in my opinions, the place for back-up takes up tooooooooo much place

There’s nothing wrong with it; it takes up slightly more space but is also cleaner.

We’ve also gained the ability to enter the crew skills menu on empty crew slots, which is rather nice.

Unfortunately, you can’t enter the crew skills menu on empty slots. When you try to do this, you will see this message:

I don’t like the fact, the crew XP points are still hidden, when you reach max level on the slot:

But on empty slots at max level, you can see the crew XP points now:

So it’s a slight improvement, but it’s still not very cleverly designed.

The icons are too small. The “send to holiday” button or whatever you want to call it should be in a line below the vehicle picture, not on it. It gets in the way. They should either enlarge the icons, or revert the change.


Yes, I have the same problem. I got used to checking my modifications by double clicking on the vehicle image. And now sometimes I hit this button instead.

I personally don’t understand why they put two different buttons:


The first (lower) button do this:

The second (upper) button do this:

They could just combine both functions into one button, something like this:

We don’t need two separate buttons for this.