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[Sorry my old bad learning English school]
So i Start another Topic, probably another one same post for speak about the Matchmaking and the entire system of the Ground Simulation.

  • More than 5 years i wait, cry, write here, speak around me etc…for the hope Gaijin will finnaly wake up his head and see many many players want play Sim in Ground battles but can’t…Because the system is bad and stupid, sorry but it is true for the 2nd bracket!
    What they think for put everybody vs SOviet and grats China will be add vs the rest of the world? And stop say the excuse for realism with NATO vs others, it’s a game and in many ways the reality isn’t respected. This make very long time awaiting for queue and many times for give up. Thoses Nations in addition to a bad choices of BR/vehicules make battle incredibly unbalanced for some BR.

So you (yeah i hope someone important read this…) must already know this, sure i’am not alone to think this, even if i see some players be happy sometimes in this forum ;/
WE are far more than you think awaiting the BIG Rework like the new system you test 3 years before. I can’t understand why nobody in Gaijin do something, maybe i must contact the Chinese community for hope you will ear us??? Why not put a system like “Enduring confrontation” for planes in the ground. The new BR added is welcome and a pleasure, but half others + nations choosen are hell unplayable for players all the other days. Even top tier have very few players because of the stupid Nations Matchmaking.
Thx read me, sorry.

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That’s not the problem.
Ground Sim is the last mode in WT that still tries to be divided into ww2 and cold war. no third arcade, please.

The problem is the rotation. The rotation ensures that a tank type, say the US M48A1, is only available for 24 hours and not permanently.
Without rotation, Ground Sim would certainly be much more successful.

but for god’s sake keep the halfway authentic nation lineups. there is already enough nation mix chaos in AB and RB. …no third arcade, please.


Absurd! It is the main problem, in addition to bad choices of vehicules for Soviet side Vs super OP in the other side like the line with CV90 or with 9.3 modern MBT Nato+Strong german and very good IFV Italian when they only have T55/T62 and one T64+ BMP tree. Same for plane in the 7.7 bracket.
And yes IT is the problem! Look the amount of players who play all the day all the super too OP/cheated/too low Br Soviet in RB. They are mixed. Anybody want play Soviet vs the rest of the world especially with some BR! Even in top tier its mitigated. And i don’t how it can be arcade to have other choices coherent of nations.

  • And stop with the historical! Where do you see it is historical with 1980/90/2000+ Tank all vs Soviet and China? Tell me wich war or battle France, Japan or Swedish etc fight vs Soviet unions???

what kind of statement is that?

for the non-historical mix chaos there are already AB Ground battles, AB Air battles, RB Ground battles, RB Air battles, Naval AB battles & Naval RB battles.

SB is SB and not AB! balancing is not an argument to turn SB into a new arcade.
it’s people like you who are destroying our mode.
by the way, Taiwan is not part of China either. Taiwan belongs in the US tree.


I actually like the BR/Tank rotation system, it ensures that there is no mix-up chaos that is RB, it would be extremely chaotic having to keep track of all the tanks playing on the ground. Unless Gaijin decides to lock vehicles by faction, AKA USSR/China vs NATO only teams

There could be different lineups running at the same time. 1_1 & 1_2 & 1_3 … sorted one below the other in the lobby. not only two:

and a word about this topic here.

I would even accept a few additional completely unhistorical rooms for people like pexitron. if I could get rooms with more history at the same time.

but these people have 0 tolerance. this people always want to completely destroy the last spark of history in Sim for all players! that is unacceptable.

People with 13.000 RB hours and max. 100 SB hours make demands here to convert SB into RB. I have been fighting against such people here for years and as a passionate Sim player I am absolutely annoyed.


Not wishing to off topic but i am.I have never played a game of SIM but reading your comments you sold it to me.I ma at 6-7 BR max and wish to go no further ,I play in the WW2 area if I can

Can you tell what would be an ideal starting point and a few tips for getting into Sim? Or direct me to the best place to find out.I love WW2 hate the Cold war mix and the childish silliness off the GRB sometimes.I understand I would need to lose the bushes for a start? Many thanks

thank you. very kind of you.

first of all I’ll give you a list with all ground sim lineups. the player Solawk created it. at the top you can click through the lineups and on the top right you can see what’s coming up the next day.

WTLineup (

1_1 to 1_6 is ww2. today is 1_6.

I think if you enjoy sim you should adapt your decks step by step to the 6 sim ww2 lineups. this has the advantage that you don’t have to rebuild your decks every day. the list is very helpful for this. but watch out for your training costs.

you always have 1000 vehicle points at the start of the round. medium tanks cost 300, heavy tanks cost 450 and light vehicles cost 250. so with a german Panther G you can play 3 times. with a Tiger I only twice.

since you have experience from RB, I think you will get used to SB very quickly. without blue markers and without third Prson, it is strange at first. but after a while you will never want blue markers or thrid Person back again.

tactically I can’t give you that many tips. I’m a rather defensive cowardly tanker. I don’t risk as much as others. find a playstyle that you enjoy and that suits you. that’s the only tactical tip I can give you.

but keep in mind that SB ground sim also has disadvantages. for example, if you like to drive Tiger I E. then you can only drive it 2 days in the 6-day rotation. at 4_1 and at 5_1. not permanently like in RB. that’s a disadvantage. another disadvantage is loot vehicles. because we don’t have markers. TK can frustrate you at first. but after a while TKs become less and less.
Ground Sim is unfortunately not soooo really historically correct. but somewhat. the reason is that more and more vehicles are added update by update. some vehicles like the french E.B.R.(1954) are of course disturbing in a ww2 setting.

I hope I was able to help you a little. good luck in Sim and always fire away.
there are also many people here with whom you can discuss tactics.


So am I nice to find another one lol

Thank you for your time.I will look into trying this.

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It is worth noting that 8_1 also has a lot of WW2 stuff. It’s basically an “Operation Unthinkable”/WW3 in 1946 scenario. So Germany in this lineup is part of the NATO team and gets to use a mix of postwar vehicles, the Maus, the Jagdtiger, and the Panther II (oddly not the Tiger 105).

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Ground SIM has many problems:
-broken main event lineup… I mean, I feel like ganjin randomly added new vehicles to the lineup like he did with battle raiting. But as often as they change the BR, they rarely change the lineup to the SB…
-The developer probably doesn’t have his own team to ban cheaters. For example, YouTuber W.T.C.S showed that after a year, Ganjin will not take any action against the cheater… In the simulation, the matter is even more complicated. Take for example the escape from Tarcov and the problem with cheaters and how the cheaters themselves hid their use.
-Rotation is also an issue, but it only affects popularity, not playability etc.

Mixing nations will only worsen the playability problem by increasing the number of frendly fires. However, the current occurrence of Vidar, PT-57 and Maus taken together is not very historic and it is even difficult to imagine that this will happen. So for me, the simulation has had nothing to do with the history of World War II for some time now. The only way out of this, as I see it, is to completely change this mode. The problem is that it’s a waste of time and money for developers, and they probably don’t have enough people playing and knowing the current simulation to make positive changes.

The only people who like and defend the actual system like the guy upper who say i am not tolerante, with his thousand hours when i only have a hundred and cry for let the last historical type of gameplay and because of historical excuse…On a vidéo game…
-Like Warthunder have historical balance. You are the typical guy who only play WW1 & 2 and even if many other brackets and BR are added i don’t know why that must disapear? ANd historical? don’t make me laugh! IF you want it? go play at 15 axes vs 40 Allies and maybe you would be historical, because like Shermans are equal to Panther and TIger? What a joke.
SO actually you have 4 bracket playable and approximatively balanced. The others are fantasyland with Tank or Planes with 2 br higher and in top tier the total control of the sky for Soviet/China even if HSTVL/CHally2 early and a Merkava in the new bracket vs Mi35+TY90 Z19+ Tunkunska and planes. Totally unplayable except vs noobs. ANd noobs are 96% in NATO side who never communicate, ping map even after die etc…in the BR.