New Ground RB mode

Please for the love of god make a ground realistic mode with out planes jets helicopters or drones. I hate spawning in ind dying to jets that are sitting at the top of the map where radars cant find the player. War thunder isnt fun when you just repeatedly fie to jets at 40k feet in the air.


So, you want Tank battles without Planes in the air…
… so you don’t want realistic…
… so why don’t you play Arcade? It is much more taylored to people with less skill in Aiming and planes are not as common there iirc (Also it shows you a lead indicator so even someone blind with a 150mm tank cannon can shoot it down)

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I hate arcade, never liked it. I play realistic because it doesnt show your name when your trying to amush.

Well then deal with the planes :D
Also, get an SPAA, many free kills.
Last Match enemy rushed all 3 points in the beginning of the match, half of them directly got into planes, I got into my Gepard and got 6 nice, steamy, free plane kills while they wasted some thousand spawnpoints.

Pro Tip: When you are at high BR and the Weather is clear just look for Chemtrails (hehe) , it is pretty easy to spot them above you thanks to them.
Then you just lock and kill them because they usually have low speed. (Even if your normal Search radar can’t see them, you can still lock them and it functions as normal)

So I would say thats a skill-issue

The missiles on the gepard wont even lock for me unless they are under 3 miles. I guess gaijin just hates me.

Arcade is even worse where planes are handed out for nothing and are encouraged to suicide bomb.

A TO mode will have much bigger problems with campers. Just had such a nice case. He had a great field of fire and nobody could get into the flank. Without an plane, you can sometimes only get to grips with such opponents with heavy losses.
By the way, I’m in favour of TO mode … but consider the consequences they entail.
I still remember the time in WoT 10 years ago. There were matches where nobody moved for 15 minutes because everyone knew where everyone else was. As soon as the first one fell, the house of cards collapsed.

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How many of these threads do we need.

There’s several other topics talking about a tank only mode, go there.

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sigh and another one…

@Stona_WT , can these finally be merged please?

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Aaaaaaand here we go again.


Yes, we want realistic, in high BR if you give “realistic” weapons to planes and helis that let them sit outside AA range and do whatever they want, then give realistic AA.
There is no battlefield where AA relies only its own radar, at this BR all ground are linked into radar network and share target info. Also there are more potent AA ammo that for some reasons is not put in game although air has given its full loads.
Also about “realistic” 6-10 active helis and jets at same time in 4x4km battlefield, sure… realism…
Its very easy to get SP needed to camp the battlefield outside AA range but you get minimal reward for shooting down the same game breaking air vehicles, what’s with that?

I was speaking of the Cannon Gepard.
I have the one with the missiles, but the missiles can only be used against close helicopters or planes flying STRAIGHT towards you or away from you. One turn and the missile loses track.

Dunno, I have two functioning eyes, thats why I don’t play arcade that much except when one of my blind friends wants to play it.
But I can’t remember being killed by a plane like ever there. Arcade is the gamemode where I killed the most planes with my main tank gun and in General with the lead indicator it is pretty easy to shoot planes down.

if only there was ongoing CAS thread…
If only you could use planes to shoot down CAS…


I think they have timers on bombs now? Back in the day they didn’t so you’d just spawn a bomber and get a bunch of kills, also light armor and exposed crew are easy targets when they’re marked on the map.

You… can shoot down CAS with planes… what are you on about?
Just spawn in a fighter an shoot them if you have enough SP

I think he was being sarcastic 🤔😂


Poes law - Without a clear indication of sarcasm, irony is basically not distinguishable from the extreme (dumbness) of some people.
Especially in these Forums I came to expect dumbness over satire :D



If im being honest i dont even have jets for germany besides the squadron me-262 so i cant really spawn in with a jet and take out cas.