New GFRB Skill Multiplier mechanic shouldn't apply to Aircraft

So this new skill multiplier for player vehicles killed…

Any kills gained by using an aircraft shouldn’t be counted towards this multiplier, more so at top tier.

GFRB Already tips heavily in favour of using aircraft, adding this multiplier is only an incentive for the mechanic to be further abused, which furthers worsens the crux of the game mode.


This is a combined forces game… Just stop already. 🤦‍♂️

You should be asking for more ground rewards, not selfishly demanding that CAS players suffer…


Absolute null point.

Tanks cant go to air RB

Tanks cant go to Heli EC / PVE

Tanks have to always fight with aircraft & in these matches, aircraft always walk away with the better rewards.

And now they have a new mechanic which greatly increases their rewards in the already fish-in-a-barrel shoot.

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Because no one will play a spaa on such a massive map that you couldnt do much. At top tier, even worse due to the EC maps in rotation.


Which is why Aircraft get to shoot fish in a barrel in GFRB.

On average, tanks are confined to a 3x3km map, where aircraft can absolute decimate them.

How is that fair and balanced?

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Spaa and fighters are usually able to block out cas, assuming they are used by players who know what they are doing. Sometimes I just main spaa when I want to chill and shoot down planes. And fighters are fun to use to shut out the enemy cas.


That is why you ask for larger maps.

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Why does precious server space need to be wasted with nonsense topics like this?


Feels weird to want less rewards overall. Playing CAS in ground battles yields very low rewards.


yeah how we could have forgot to add those tanks dogfighting fighters at 4km altitutde

at the other hand every “ground” battle was fought using both ground and air vehicles.
If you are clever enough you can use spaa and fighters to counter the aerial threats. Works well for your winrates and scores.

On the other hand.

Every ground battle taken place, every ground asset has not been forced to compete within a 3x3km area, with the aircraft having complete freedom of movement within and out that area.

By definition aircraft in gfrb are shooting fish in a barrel.

Let tanks have the freedom of the map that aircraft have, and watch cas players struggle to get kills.

No point coming at me with the IRL bull when you don’t take into consideration that all ground assets in modern combat are not confined to a 3x3km area.

AiRcRaFt OpErAtE wItH gRoUnD vEhIcLeS
Yeah, over large areas, not heavily concentrated in a 9 Square Km grid.

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Absolutely null point. War Thunder was originally intended as an air game. Ground and Naval were added as mixed battles, for both air and ground, and naval

The other solution is “tanks” would only visually render for aircraft when said aircraft was over the confined battle field available to ground vehicles?
Just kidding, put the daggers away.

you missed my point by a dozen kilometer. Game is not a reality I can agree on that. But it mimics reality in a way it is possible. Can planes be implemented to land domination confrontation? Yes, and so they are. Can tanks be impemented to a plane dogfight? no, they cannot, so they arent. Simple as.

oh I wouldnt have a problem spotting and bombing a moving and visibly shooting target. At the other hand I would like to watch how entertaining would be for you to drive 10km for about 8 minutes to get shoot by somebody with better optics. Peak gameplay experience I must say lol

Absolute null point when ratio.
No offense btw.
But seriously, it’s the tank modifiers that need a massive buff IMO as well, sure cas can be a problem but there’s always ways of adjusting MM. I for example found myself actually enjoying the grind because of these modifiers, do well feel well kinda deal ( an alien concept for wt i know, gah dang).
Ive nothing against taking fun from people that do well ( except prem spammers but that’s another topic) and play well so idk, just make em buff ground rp gains n we’re golden.

Okay. Lets have a ground maps that are 64x64km, same size as air maps. Lets see how many players will enjoy the 30km trip to a cap. Would probably need more than 16v16 as you would have a very hard time finding anyone.

😁 I actually made a mission in the CDK that was literally this in open water, and spawned in AI ships and sent them to the middle for testing things.

You’ve been around long enough to recall the maps back then. Lets keep it reasonable and really why not have extra, you don’t have to flank if you don’t want to. Caps can be placed any where so if even 10 X 10 caps can still be 5K apart. Given the typical Lemming Train we all know and love, most players wouldn’t even notice all the extra space hahahahaha.

Tell you what though, if we made truck convoys that they needed to protect, MAYBE they’d follow that train, instead of thier own heading to the enemy spawn…

Most would put on max cc and alt-tab. Would be funny to watch

I dont think most players know what flanking is.