New German Panther Premium

Could chances be it won’t since the turret didn’t function at all? given it was a Bergepanther. The turret was just a field modification that gave it more storage space.

I’m not sure on how different the Bergepanther was to regular Panthers, but they had most of a Pz IV H to cannibalize for this modification. So its not impossible they could also transfer the turret drive mechanism over. Would actually take less effort to not strip the inside of the turret to just the outer shell, too.

It was an engineering tank so they did not have turret rings. Nor the capability to function with one.
image No actual pictures of the interior but modeler kits are closer than anything.

Steal one off the Pz IV H.

Also what’s that big thing in the middle connected to the driveshaft?

Your asking the wrong person however as you can see in the image, you cannot make a Bergepanther function as a standard tank, they have different equipment for different purposes.

Not impossible. Pz IVs had a little 2 stroke 2 cyl 500cc motor for turret traverse. So the entire setup would be self contained provided there was enough free space inside (for a Panther, this is no problem).
So I’m not really seeing any conflicts aside from whatever that is in the hull connected to the driveshaft, and there’s not much a couple guys with a blowtorch can’t take off a tank anyway. So, plausible.

The Panther didn’t. That’s still not an excuse if it was savaged from a destroyed Panzer IV.
Seriously stop trying to justify something that you know nothing about. It also isn’t hard to figure out putting a smaller turret onto a hull that is nothing but a hull with 0 turret ring etc. Could use it even if they wanted to.

Did you miss the part where the Pz IV had one, and much like the turret could just be transferred over?

I’ve already said several times that:
-the real vehicle wasn’t functional
-with enough effort it could have been functional because all the parts needed were present

We already have vehicles that were entirely nonfunctional IRL, but work fine in-game such as Yak-141, or in completely ahistorical configurations like the M6A2E1.

This would be a unique addition that could fill a gap in a tree. That’s it.

Mate read for damn sake. Use your noggin 'cause holy shit. It’s almost as if you think you know how engineering tanks work because they use the same hull so surely it means they can still function as a normal tank.

So here’s the reality THEY CANNOT. Now if you’re done i have more meaningful tasks irl to do such as making breakfast and make myself a nice cup of chocolate santafereño.

I like the idea of a Panther A or G with the FG1250 NVD currently found on the Panther II. Something like 50 were produced and saw combat at the end of the war.


Actually no. You just get a Tiger tank destroyer instead of a regular Tiger.

But it’s just as good, if not better.

Like tiger 1???

Read what? You going “well this is impossible because they couldn’t possibly have moved part X from vehicle A to vehicle B”?

You should tell that to whoever made these:


^this is pre-wirbelwind; last time I checked, Pz IVs didn’t come with a quad 20mm Flak mount.

Or an 8.8cm Flak mount.

Or a T-26 with a 7.5cm AT gun.

“what about swapping turrets”





I have a folder dedicated to weird AFVs. I can keep going.

Prove it. Because I’m pretty sure a Pz IV H turret could fit in a Panther with room to spare. And they had an entire tank to take whatever they needed from.

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No no, it cannot cause it is not designed for combat. It is designed for engineering. That turret came from a destroyed Panzer IV. So there is no way it is in a shape to function. Good damn you’re the type of people who would tell a medic to go shoot at the enemy. Defeating the point of medics.

Well, it’s a Tiger with slow turret traverse but extra beefy front armor. Kinda like a TD.

The first Bergepanthers were Panther Ds taken off the assembly line, with only the turret being omitted, and were used as tugs. Even later models (which added the recognizable wood superstructure, a crane, and a powerful winch - which was likely the big thing in the interior connected to the driveshaft) retained the production hull with further changes, and some were built from damaged D models.

The one in the picture was based on a D variant hull, coincidentally. Sounds like it was “designed for combat”, whatever that’s supposed to mean here, given that ALL Bergepanthers started as production Panther hulls.

Turret looks fine to me. I don’t see any damage on it, and if they went through all the trouble of stripping it out and welding it on their Bergepanther D hull, then it likely wasn’t damaged in the first place.

Would be interesting. 🤔

What’s it called? Do you have any photos either?

I was just talking about the Befehls Tiger I (P) 😂

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Oh LMAO 😂😂😂 ok