New German Panther Premium

Germany doesn’t have really have any good mid-tier premium tanks. It has the Porsche Tigers, which though has advantages like better reverse speed are worse than regular Tigers. The Tiger II Sla is good but it’s p2w and impossible to get as f2p. The Elephant is just as awful as the Ferdinand and the Jagdpanther g1 is okay but IMO 6.3 isn’t a good BR because it’s uptier hell and you only have 3 6.3 vehicles.

So for a new premium why not the Panther Ausf.A early? I came across it when watch while watching this vid that someone shared,

Essentially it’s a Panther A without the hull MG. So obviously it lacks the MG but makes up for it by not having the hull weakspot. I am not sure if it has the engine RPM differences or what other differences there may be but imo this would be a good premium for Germany to have, as a versatile medium tank that would be good for grinding.

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I mean, it sounds interesting and I’m always down for more panthers but I doubt this would be added. But maybe who knows

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It would just be a better Panther A then.

If it’s early, that means it would’ve been built before the engine governor was installed (late 1943). Therefore it would be far more mobile than the late Panthers. And not having the MG port is purely an advantage since it’s non-functional in game as well, and that removes a weakspot.


mm, the idea of the Panther A without the governor is making me salivate a little.

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Maybe they should add a mechanic that the engine can overheat. It really doesn’t make sense that the early modell would be every single way better than the late. It just feels wrong.

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Desert maps with WW2 vehicles, aka. engine repair simulator 2024


I feel like that wouldn’t be a great idea…

They could just make the early version higher BR.


I feel like it could work just like the planes. You can go faster but if you don’t manage your speed and just press the W, than your engine would get cooked. Maybe this could be annoying enough to justify a lower or same br.

They kinda added that with engines overheating when radiator damaged

Could also add the Daimler-Benz Panther.


It would be a new vehicle and there were a few prototype variants of it, so a slightly different tech tree model wouldn’t be impossible either (or y’know, just do the ol’ different camo scheme = premium).


There’s also this thing, a recovery Panther. Fitted with the Pz IV H turret to save weight and cost. Would much rather see it as a tech tree light tank at 4.7-ish though.

Both are unique, both existed.

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I doubt it that this panther will be lighter than the vk3002 with 35 tons. Additionally it may have the govenor which reduces the hp by 50 compared to the vk3002 aswell.

If the vk3002 isn’t a light tank this tank wont be aswell. But it could be fill the gap between the pz4H and vk3002

Problem with the second one is that the turret was welded to the hull so yea…

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The turret is smaller, with about half the armor thickness everywhere, and a much smaller cannon. It was based on a D hull.
My reasoning for it being a light tank is the much worse armament it would have.

I had to look this up to make sure and unfortunately you’re right. So gaijin would have to use some… “creative liberty” to make it functional, a la Yak-141.

I’ve got my turret ring knocked out enough times in the Panther so that would barely feel any different to me lmao. I am sure Youtubers would love to make videos with a wacky tank like that. But Germany already has that Panzer IV J commander variant thing for a low-tier premium that has terrible turret traverse, so it’s not something Germany needs.

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The point is to have greater mobility in order to be plausibly classed as a light tank. But the inside of the turret was completely stripped, including the breech, to make space. It was just intended to cover up the turret ring hole.

Pz IV J and early Pz IIIs got their turret traverses buffed a while ago, they’re pretty decent now. Much better than before!

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It’s like Italy with them getting there first Heavy tank. It’s gonna be the first rank 3 light, but it’s gonna be a premium 😂

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That’d be pretty funny, but I hope not.

Think the better option for a premium is still the Daimler-Benz Panther though.
For one, it was actually functional and could have seen combat if the turret wasn’t delayed or its turret ring wasn’t slightly too narrow for the MAN turret that was ready for production.

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Perhaps because Ferdinand and Elephant are in the same tank with subtle changes on the interior and exterior.

The Panther with a Panzer IV H turret was a command tank, the gun wasn’t real.

Yeah I learned that later lol, check the later replies. Still could be made playable with some creative liberty.