New gamemodes (PVE and PVP)

As someone who has been playing this game since 2016, I really enjoy seeing what Warthunder has brought up, such as the newer vehicles (planes, tanks, helicopters and ships) for all techtrees.

However! With the amount of new vehicles, comes a problem that most (if not all) of us can agree with. The lack of gamemodes in Warthunder are what (I find personally) very frustrating or boring. As someone who enjoys all vehicle types (mainly ground and air), I wish that were more PVE gamemodes that would be more so rewarding in paar with PVP ground.

It would be honestly a refresher from the usual PVP tension that most of us have all gone through (espeically for veteran and newer players). Having more PVE modes (in a realistic sense) would honestly breakup the tension with other players, and maybe even bring down the toxicity. It might even increase teamwork.

We have so many new vehicles that I find lack a purpose or function in PVP (such as SPGs that are designed to attack long ranged targets, or even amphibious vehicles that can cross vast bodies of water or lakes. We even have diggers on tanks now, and SPAAs that don´t always get their fun in long term battles.

I say this, because the only PVE gamemode I find feasible right now is Helicopter simulator (realistic). Big map with many targets and convoys, bases that are defended with SPAA etc. I think if Gaijin could implement the same idea, but with Tanks or even planes (that would be slendid for bombers or even CAS planes), then honestly the game would be (in my opinion) enjoyable.

I know that every player has their own favourite nation, but if so, and those vehicles are able to do something unique on the battlefield (that cannot be done in a PVP ground realistic battle with quick capture points and pace), then make more PVE maps and gamemodes (could you imagine a literal D-DAY gamemode with modern/coldwar vehicles as well?).


  • Defend an ally convoy (as a tank or plane or even helicopter) against enemy targets.

  • Destroy a possible high value zone (possibly a group of vehicles or infrastructure) and capture that specific point (maybe even include forward airfields for helicopters (like in Helicopter PVE).

  • Transport cargo from one helipad to another (only helictopers with possible stowage, such as the MI 24, Hueys etc). You cannot just refill ammo out of thin air, helicopters need to transport ammo to forward facing bases for the ground units (for the player to use to repair and rearm, as an idea)

  • Destroy airfields that are spawning enemy jets (that can destory friendly ground AI/players). This would allow jet players to have a purpose with escort and defence.

These are just small ideas I had, of course I would suggest that these PVE modes don´t have more then 7 players or 10, for the sake for balancing the rewards for all participants.

This is my suggestion for anyone who likes the idea of more better gamemodes.


I wholeheartedly agree with statement, new gamemodes would be great and allow the effective use of the ever increasing advanced munitions and even the ww2 stuff. ;

Many aircraft have a vast array of munitions and capability but you simply dont get the opportunity to use them in roles they were designed for.

I will say however - there are various singleplayer missions (some allow multiplayer) and there is the dynamic campaign.
Personally I am not a big fan of them but i think i may revisit them as it has been a few years since i last tried it.

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My only concern is this element. I believe the reward for PvE should be your time spent and the enjoyment. I can presume Gaijin’s point of view where obtaining progress is something they control heavily and we can see that in PvE (too hard in ground, too easy in air, but both slow earners for those avoiding PvP; it is a PvP game mainly). To ask for reward on par with PvP modes it pulls people away from their grind model and will put them off.

Unless you meant rewarding in gameplay where I agree fully. Both current PvEs are slogs and effectively always the same battle (not same map).

But as someone who came from solo sims (pre net) I appreciate those old game’s with missions and with all these assets a place to enjoy what you have earnt (vehicles) away from the grind would be icing on the cake (200+ days away as I want more than just a yolo shooter as this game is, I don’t really like other pvp shooters and never have).

With no rewards/progress but a much more tailored experience (i.e. missions/scenarios) a true PvE environment for those wanting more would be great.

Only issue could be server resources being provided for those not joining in with the grind and so less chance (maybe) of gathering money from such players. But in theory they would have payed/played to get to whatever stage already. Population due to BRs/individual wants etc. might also cause problems, but if someone wants a break from PvP I am sure they don’t mind waiting.

Also, this is more a General topic? Or is this all soley Realistic Battles version of PvE?

(I’m just focusing on the PvE side of things, not PvP modes/missions to be cobsidered).