New game mode

Game mode with ships and planes would be cool.

In such a way, that people with only ships could join the match AND people with only planes could join the match AND people with ships and planes could join the same match.

It would be a slightly modified air RB, with added ships. Ships can shoot 15 km+, so some objectives could be shared with planes. Ships would kill ships, planes kill planes, ships planes, planes ships and maybe some helicopters too:] Planes and helicopters could seek refuge above friendly ships and their AA. Sea planes could land and rearm and refuel around big ships… etc… Maybe helicopters landing on some more modern ships. Maybe new ship lines of aircraft carriers:] Some guy could wander around in his carrier letting others land to get new torps…

I feel like it would also be a cool introduction to ships for people who don’t have any yet. Maybe some would send some coin and get a ship after trying to bomb it a couple of times:]

Because I understand that adding battleships into ground RB would be just too much mayhem :] and the FPS drop would be bad for people who may struggle already… And average depth of water in ground RB is about 15 cm :]

There is a game mode with ships and planes. It’s called Naval. Turns out it’s not very popular.

I think that I can see your train of thoughts but imo it’s not a very good idea to pair ships against planes. Nobody in their right mind would take a ship if they had the chance to take a plane + there are only a few ships that can reliably defend themselves from aircraft without being completely mutilated in return

Says who? Youtubers? xD

I just got into battle in 11 seconds. Had to wait for almost minute with 4.3 airplane the other day…