new game mechanic on the possibility of adding limited fuel to land vehicles

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I am creating this post to suggest a new game mechanic concerning the fuel of land vehicles which, like planes, could be limited.So to begin with I will explain this new game mechanic, so for example let’s imagine that while I am fighting one of my two is destroyed then in this case I would lose half of my fuel.

Now let’s take a second one and this time while I’m fighting one of my two tanks is damaged so it will start to lose fuel more or less quickly depending on how damaged it is and will continue to lose fuel until it is empty or repaired.

Then in order to fill a tank which is either empty due to the fact that it has been damaged or due to the fact that the vehicle has driven too much (possible more in personalized battle where the games last) the vehicle could be captured by its allies to refuel in the same way as to repair when the spare part upgrade is not sought or the vehicle has no more ammunition

Thus the vehicles would have a fuel consumption which would depend on several factors such as for example their weight, their power, their speed,…etc.

Any feedback on this suggestion is welcome, whether positive or negative.
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Yeah, seeing as how this is realistic, I’d love to see it, it’s annoying for the fact that, tanks with no fuel tanks can still move, might as well remove the feature, that is unless gaijin is going to implement something like that, maybe a “shot at level” system where where it takes a shot, the fuel level will decrease down to that amount. As for now, without another suggestion of mine, adding engineering vehicles and recovery vehicles for these types of scenarios.

There is no mechanic to repair fuel tanks…

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yeah this would be a good idea because it increases realism. but it might be annoying.


The maps are not big enough for fuel usage during driving to matter. So it would be almost exclusively for fuel tanks damaged in the fight. Which then would be not that much different from the engine or transmission being damaged, albeit with a more annoying “repair” mechanic.

No, got enough to think about in a match as it is

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