New feature: retaining the PC daily login progress through WT Mobile login

I understand this has been added in today’s update, so for example when you travel you can log into WT Mobile on your smartphone and it will count towards your logins into the game on your computer back home, so when you come back from your trip your computer login counter will not be reset to zero. Can anyone confirm if it is already working properly?


I have not been able to get on my pc as often due to life happenings but I am always on my mobile usually even if its just to log in. I have noticed that my daily login process has not been reset on PC so yeah confirmed.

is there anyone that actually plays the mobile version?

Toilet gamers

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You don’t have to play WT Mobile if you don’t want to (although I will give it a try on my upcoming trip), all you need to do is log in. What I am not sure about is the interpretation of rewards in this context: Gaijin says we do not get the computer game rewards when we log in via WT Mobile. So we do not get daily crates/boosters, but are Battle Pass progress points also classified as rewards in this context?

2081 is over 5 years so not sure why you wouldn’t have them.

Good to know, no way was I testing that

Sorry, I meant the other ones after that but my point still stands. I’m pissed off about this as someone can possibly be

It’s a joke reward anyways, years of loyalty to get some crappy decal.

Not everyone sees it like that. I’m about to get my 1 Year Decal, and I’m stoked. If anything, I’m sad I don’t have more years, and I’d be PISSED if I lost my progress.

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Well if Gaijin support is unable or unwilling to restore my streak you can mark my words that I’ll never login daily to the game ever again.

I have lost my streak three times already before this.
First time around 600 and something days back when the whole rewards system was introduced and when it was more unforgiving (Skip 1 day and the whole streak goes back to day 1), second time 60 and something days, third time around 300 and something days and now whopping 2081 days.

This will be the last nail in the coffin for that if they’re unable to restore it. There’s no point to try and get back to where I was. The decals are absolutely not worth it but they would have been nice to have nonetheless.

LoneWolf, I am sorry to hear that it did not work for you. It certainly worked for me on my trip, so I suspect it was just a glitch in your case and you are perfectly entitled to contact support (again) and DEMAND that they sort it out for you!

I have install WT for mobile using my PC user name and pass in hope that I will keep my daily log in (on PC).
Well afer a 10 days of holldays here I am at home and my daliy login progres is bacak to 0 days (on my PC WT).
What did I do wrong to lose/not get my dail log in by using WT moble and log in to it (WT mobile) and palying it to on a daily base during 10 days of vacation.
Do i ned some kind of verification to conect log in in WT mobel so that it count for my WT on PC???

This is strange, this feature has worked for me on several travels, no progress lost. I think you should contact the customer support and please tell us if they can explain and resolve this for you.

Thank you for telling about this