New F-16 and Mig-29 Flight models

Just wanted to gather thoughts on how people feel about the new flight models.

(I’m going to reference sim performance since I believe it gives the most accurate feel of a planes abilities)

Before the patch I used to feel that the mig-29 and f-16 were fairly balanced. For example, The mig-29 would win in a slow speed one circle fight (scissors, reverses, etc.) and the f-16 would win in a rate fight. This meant that an f-16 would have to survive a merge and try to force a rate fight, and the mig-29 would have to win before the rate fight, and then try to reverse back into a 2 circle.

This seems to be the way f-16 are supposed fight, being superior in the rate, while the mig-29 should have better AOA and low speed maneuvering because of its bigger wing.

Currently it feels like the f-16c pulls more AOA than a mirage without the speed bleed, and the F-16A and ADF models are close behind. The fights are very one sided with the f-16 winning both the one circle and rate fight (which is very unrealistic.)

As someone who fly’s both, I would like to see the f-16 toned down a little in the one circle fight, Maybe less AOA or more speed bleed or a combo of both.


Been half a year…still the same, I really hope that they´ll address this at some point. Nowadays we got a similar situation with the F-15 ontop of it aswell, very annoying as a sim player.

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Models are based on irl data, cant really change much

Never seen a f16 pull 90deg AoA in real life. It’s stats in game certainly aren’t, together with some other usaf planes

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Good thing that only happens incidentally, same with 70g missile turns, or volumetric “oopsies”

It’s very consistent with the f-16, without instructor on especially. And you can recover out of those flares easily as well which is the most unrealistic part about it