New Engine/Graphic Presets

Hi everyone. What do you think about the current layout of this title? Looking at what the current games or those from 2019 look like, I notice that War Thunder stopped between 2006-2012. Maybe most people like it, but in my opinion, the game is looking more and more terrible. Adding new effects of destruction and explosions has nothing to do with the whole.


The game didn’t exist until 2012.

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Technically it did in previous forms. ;)

It’s a rather interesting procession if you track where the game originated from.

I know Birds of Steel existed. I played Birds of Steel.

Birds of Prey and Apache: Air assault crying in the distance

I find the game lacking in the dynamic lighting area.

For example: There are map conditions, where you have this weird lit area around you for about 50 meters away, that moves with you. Or they try to simulate sun rising or setting, but its done simply by switching between two slightly different lighting conditions.

But most mainstream multiplayer games have similar problem, because they try to keep HW requirements low.

There are far worse looking games though, like Apex Legends, even though it was released more recently.

The antialiasing options could also be expanded. Right now, the only decent option is combination of SSAA 4x and TAA, which is massively taxing on performance.

Other than that, I find the game quite good looking, especially considering how old it is.

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That reminds me, I gotta clear out some of the folders on my machine as I got some flickering occuring.

He means its technical level is as for game from 2006-2012

I agree, they should just reoptimize everything. I have noticed that in all air realistic besides top tier I get really good fps and gameplay. But only in air top tier I get massive fps drops when joining the furball. My fps stays average 135fps but as soon as I join the fight it drops to 40-80fps but whenever I leave the fight it starts going back.

They are saying that the game looks like it was made from 2006-2012 and hasn’t been updated. They are right - WT has awful graphics/visuals for a game in 2024. The engine is even worse.

Unless something has a very clear and obvious way to increase revenue, the won’t do it.

Ask console players

To all the above WT has many players on minimum system requirements

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The engine for the game was created in 2005, with the first game utilizing it (part of the “series”?) being openly released in 2009.

What are you talking about? Considering that this game is a mass MMO that can run well on potato PCs, it looks insane. Yes, there are games that look better, but for what WT is and the range of devices it is designed to run on, it looks fantastic. Of course there’s room for improvement, but it looks great.

Y’all are just looking for things to complain about.


Exactly. The game is designed to run on nearly anything. Its minimum system requirements have only ever gone up once and that was for New Power, and even then they didn’t go up by that much. WT looks fantastic, especially considering that it can run on potato PCs, and the fact that it can run decently well on potato PCs is a demonstration of just how well optimized the game actually is.


I might say a lot about how they run things but i can not find fault with models. I do find the little men in open tanks kind of action man, barbie and ken looking but that is part of the charm 😆 WoT looks like something out of a comic book if you ask me

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It’s not even about the models. The effects look really good (naval water splashes could use a tocuh up though).


I do know what needs updating and that is the mode selection window

Is that supposed to be an excuse for having rubbish top end graphics?

Rubbish top-end graphics in what way?