NEW ECONOMY - Have ammo costs quietly gone up?

What happened to in-game ammo costs?
The costs for some machines have gone so high that getting one kill without a premium account reduces your income from it by 50%!
An example is the Bradley M3A3 TOW-2B rocket costs 710 lions sometimes two rockets are not able to destroy the T80/T72 and you have to fire more rockets and the income for destroying such a tank is 1.2-1.4k lions - 710 for firing 1 or 2 rockets (710 is the cost of one magazine)

Without a premium account on higher tiers, earnings sometimes become minimal
With 51K lions earned, I was charged 20k for repairs and 6k for refilling ammo

No thats just a result of the new atgm system being fucked and you not being able to reliably being able to aim it, those new changes still need to get balanced

But the ammo cos now is insane not only atgm look how much you need to pay for ammo after the battle.