New economy and gamechanges

The game atleast especially high/toptier ground is a big mess BRs, realism and other

add better physics when you drive over an L3/33 with MAUS it should be near flat and not just burning
when you hit armor it gets damaged and when you hit the exact same spot it’d get damaged more or penetrated
Increase BR for all toptier tanks with spall liners
add barrel animation to Leopard 2: when the Leopard 2 Reloads it raises its barrel Video of Leopard 2 Reloading

Economy and gamechanges that are interesting and fun.
1: Balance the vehicles on vehicle stats, not player stats. Why? Because the majority of people do bad in a vehicle doesn’t mean the vehicle is bad like the f15, the f15 has better rwr, radar, canon, fpv, T/Wr, flight performance, more countermeasures than the SU-27. Sure the SU-27 has 10 missiles but only 2 longrange IR missiles (R-27ET) more and it’s still lower br. It doesn’t have HMS true but the Mirage 4000 doesn’t have either and that is 12,7

2: make the costs of vehicles more realistic like Leopard 2A7V 10M+ SL and the T-90M 4M+ SL (acording to google) idk where to get accurate numbers but for now it’s alright; now the worst SPAA (Flakrakrad) is basicly the same amount SL as an MBT which is weird, stupid and unreal

3: give tanks the shell its using. Leopard 2A7V DM73 etc, make them more expensive too. DM53 is great but not good. It’s the best MBT shell ingame but it still can’t penetrate the T-80BVM, while the T-80BVM(3BM60) can penetrate the Leopard 2A6’s and most part of the Leopard 2A7V’s hull after nerf of the Leopard 2’s with extra mounted front armor

4: Give the Leopard 2A7V and strv122 their armor on the lower part of the extra mounted front armor back which was nerfed in 1 of the recent updates

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If you do like some or all idea’s make sure to suggest the ideas in suggestions to give them more attention

what the fuck


after the economy update about repair costs they nerfed rewards but it’d be ok if they buffed it again

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Why tho. That’s an absolutely terrible idea what the f.

That is very hard to do, because Gaijin would need to switch away from a simple collsion system to a more softbody type of system.

Only if every other tank gets the same type of feature.

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Sure if they have it, i just know about the Leopard 2’s having it


Going down the list:

A whole lotta work for something that’s not going to meaningfully impact gameplay for the vast majority of tanks and BRs. Pass.

Sounds like a pretty huge buff to larger caliber autoloaders. Not sure the 2S38 needs the help to be honest. Also a massively complicated system to set up just to nerf tanks that rely on armor, which again, not sure tanks like the IS-4M need the nerf.

I’d prefer they just remove the spall liners entirely, given Gaijin’s damage models that entirely rely on spall to do damage at top tier it was a seriously questionable addition in the first place.

Largely pointless, as well as an effective reload nerf to it and all other tanks that rely on leveling the barrel before reloading. Could also be very tedious, having to wait that extra fraction of a second after reloading for the barrel to reaim before firing another shot. I already get trolled by that enough on things like the Raketenjadgpanzer (HOT).

Fine in concept, but contentious. Talk to 20 different players on where they believe tanks should go based on it’s stats alone, and you’ll end up no consensus and several violent arguments.

Actually trying to nerf the SL economy? Are you insane? There are already people struggling to purchase tanks after they unlock them, you want to make it worse for them just so you can tie the completely arbitrary SL currency to a real life one? Hard pass.

I really don’t want a repeat of the DM53 introduction that completely removed any advantage the Ariete had and powercrept a whole lot of the previously armored tanks into oblivion. I’d prefer top tier to have armor as an actual part of the balance equation, introducing lolpen rounds for everyone just turns it into CoD with tanks. Also, why make rounds more expensive, the economy is bad enough as it is.

The Strv122B+ and Leopard 2A7V more generally are already probably the overall strongest high tier tanks at the moment, incremental armor buffs that do nothing for their top tier performance but make lower tiered tanks (And especially the HEAT stock grinds) more painful is not something I’m interested in.

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Yeah buddy sure.

It sure is fun to make the grind even worse for the sake of “muh unit cost” there is a reason why it’s based on the vehicle rank + TT progression, not some “practical” shadowing of their relative cost IRL. (I mean, this is a game after all.)

Sounds like a cool idea until you factor in the fact that it’s effectively a minor nerf as after every shot the barrel will have to “re-align” (or whatever the actual term is) to where you are aiming, adding those precious milliseconds needed in a brawl.
Is it realistic? Sure.
Is it fun? I don’t personally see it as being an addition that is actually going to change anything positively.

Whilst neat in theory knowing the Gaijin™ collision model, it just sounds like something that’ll phase into the chassis of the maus. (The amount of times my tank has eaten the turret of a dead enemy and practically cuts my speed to 1/10th of it’s max is astounding.)

No, just no, no to all of it

As much as there are many things in-game players may argue about if they should be more realistic or not for the game, I can promise you one thing none of them would ever want realistic is vehicle cost, as just trying to get enough SL for two top tier vehicles is already a difficult task to accomplish unless they have more SL than they could ever hope to need, the idea of trying to make them “realistic” may as well be diving head first off a cliff because of the fact making any of them realistic is absurd because not only would top tier require you to at that point sell your soul to the snail to buy, but the whole thing would get infinitely worse because you would have to do the exact same thing for even the likes of rank 1 vehicles, literally that alone could kill the game on its own because progression would go from seemingly impossible to near enough impossible, and this is not to mention aviation, helicopters, and especially naval which would suffer just as much if not more.

Not 100% sure what you are about on ammunition, but not all tanks in-game need their best rounds they have access to IRL, let alone make any ammunition more expensive because while an individual shell is cheap the reason it’s like that because the cost stacks up is because you are firing off multiple rounds, which while it’s still perhaps less than repair cost is not something that should be turned into something which is not an issue into a potential issue.

As for the armor of the Leopard 2A7V and STRV122, they are perfectly fine as they are simply due to the fact they already have really good armor as they are and are some of the best tanks in the game, it really isn’t an issue.

Balancing vehicles based on their capabilities sort of already exist as how exactly do you think they get the battle ratings they have when added? Not to mention even after a vehicle is added it still applies otherwise, I doubt the F-4S would have remained at 11.3 its whole time, at best they could just be more reserved and improve about how much they change a vehicles br. Honestly this part is the only full section here which has any bit of sensibility.

As for the physics thing and stuff, it isn’t as much as its stupid by being simply stupid, but that its stupid due to how hard it would be to implement, at best you can just make it easier to crush other vehicles because otherwise the amount of work to implement that full on would take so long and honestly make it harder to run the game. As for the gun barrel thing and stuff, sure that can be done but it would be a waste of time since it would be QoL improvement at best to inconvenient at worst, and honestly if gaijin wants to add it, they add it when they feel like it, but it won’t be treated as a high priority addition because of the fact it at best it would be a QoL thing.

If I had one way to describe the stupidity of what is in this post, it may as well be on the same level as playing Russian roulette, but the gun is completely loaded.

I want you to looks at the original brs for vehicles, mostly event ones, and tell ke if those brs are good. Because you are asking for a couple dudes at gaijin to decide brs and that is where they thought it would be balanced.

We already have a problem with spaa being too high in br due to people playing them as tds. This would greatly buff them and push them even higher above their anti-air abilities.

Why not, if they increase the rewards to usable what’s bad about it? It’s just to show a better tank with better armor and round costs more than a worse tank… and you probably also get more kills in the better tank to make up in the higher costs

The current economy is good. It does not need changed.

sure it won’t impact the game that much but do we need sound updates every week either? no and still every update there’s smth wrong with some vehicle being louder or silent

Because it’s a stupid idea. Leclercs will be stupidly expensive despite being worse ingame than other tanks.

It just isn’t needed at all, it will break the balance and economy of the game. How will you account for inflation and costs on older tanks?

Different amount depending on what vehicle you’re researching with
If you research a ww2 vehicle only with a ww2 vehicle it’d be cheaper than partly ww2 vehicle and the rest modern. Could be an option

It’s already happening on Russian tanks for example. A new tank is much more armored than ones where the ERA is already activated/knocked off. and IRL it’s for normal armored vehicles too so it isn’t that weird

2S38 has no armor, just shoot at that before it shoots at you
and they nerfed alot of vehicles, so if they made them realistic they’d be stronger that would make up for the damaged armor model mostly and every ground vehicle would get that nerf so it’d be balanced still
for the large caliber autoloader(type10, 90 TKX) sure gets an advantage but they already are still massively nerfed from the faster IRL reload

What Yuan wants is what Gaijin used to do. Which was exactly why it’s cheap now.

If you read this Yuan, which I know you will. Gaijin used to do this where vehicles the farther you got were overly expensive. It also lead to a boiling pot that went to review bombing list goes on and on and on. Till they released a road map and lowered the cost for everything. While rewards were increased and then slightly lowered.

*Barely tolerable

Not good, barely tolerable.

It’s just an animation that you don’t see ingame, it wont affect the reload
If you’re in sniper mode you don’t see the barrel going up since the gunner optic isn’t attatched to the barrel. (ik in realistiic and arcade your sight is from the barrel but they could make it not go up

Makes the game more realistic since this is War Thunder and not World of Tanks(blitz (or smth)) the more real the better

Realism is only good when it adds to the gameplay in a fun way. Realism for the sake of realism in a game as arcade-y as war thunder is not good.

Having more realistic prices will break the balance and economy of the game.