New Controls for Ground Simulator Battles

Since the introduction of the different game modes of arcade, realistic and simulator, we have seen a difference of control modes for helicopters and aircraft across these modes.
However, ground vehicles, have remained consistent with their control methods throughout every mode.
Just as a point of reference, I feel that using a controls methods similar to how GHPC employs would bring some much needed immersion into Simulator battles while also paving the way for Gaijin to implement much better and immersive Fire control systems such as for SPAA when they do not operate in the optical tracking mode (using radar display instead of gunsight).

Granted, this will be a disliked change since this will possibly massively increase the difficulty of playing tanks and vehicles in simulator battles but as an aspect of immersion i feel this should definitely be explored.

Should we experiment with a control mode like GHPC for ground simulator battles?
  • Yes
  • Nah

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This would be a nice change of pace for the game, I feel like more realistic fire control systems are sorely needed since the gunner optic hasn’t changed since ground was introduced.


ngl i dont like how GHPC enacts the FCS but if we look at how tank gunners IRL handle turret traversal and gun elevation, it makes you wonder if you could replicate that in a fun way

If you play with a controller, then you already get a feel of what it would be like

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like this:

although to be fair, machine gun controls will have to remain the same since using GHPC like controls for that would prove… as Spooston likes to say “suboptimal”

I would be ok with it, if it would be optional like the different control schemes for Air Sim like Relatvice Control and Mouse Joystick. If it would be forced to play with a scheme like that the Ground Sim playerbase could shrink heavily.

I think bigger, more realistic maps with dynamic spawn zones (optional for really big maps) would be far better for immersion. Imagine an Enduring Confrontation mode on (for example) 20x10km ground maps where you would have 7 caps in a line from one end to the other and spawns would shift depending on where the frontline is.

Can’t imagine this control scheme to be fun and immersive on unrealistic corridor maps like finland.


obv there will have to be some thought put into this system. it holds a lot of promise especially with vehicles that have Commander control mode.
i just love the feeling of cresting a ridgeline and lasing and shooting a target especially in leopard tanks. and this control mode would just make it so much more smooth

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I think you are correct the virtual joystick mouse simulation would be terrible for small maps but like you said work would have to go to adjust this system so that doesn’t happen. I’d be totally okay with it as long as it stays in Simulator Battles and also larger maps associated with it. Battlefield 3 and 2042 put War Thunders map to shame, they are too small for any realistic endurance and actual team coordination.


true, plus i feel a level of immersion will be brought back to ground SIM that we so desperately need.

Well I’m not holding my breath for Gaijin to even bother making the game more realistic even for sim battles (realistic sights, FCS, aiming, etc.) that’s why I’m waiting for GHPC multiplayer