New changes to ground markers didn't help much

Well that didn’t last long, air fanbois are back to their old habits again. They sure seem know exactly where all the soft targets are soon as they spawn. I’m getting strafed again on city maps not 90 seconds into a game.

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Honestly did you expect anything different? The problem is not just the markers, they could keep the markers if they simply removed the type of tank. That would be a much better change to markers, you cannot even see your own marker but the bomber that drops it’s bombs on your tank can see it clearly.

It’s the growing pay to win segment of the player base, only it isn’t Gaijin getting paid.

Everybody knows it’s going on too.

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(holds up hand guiltily)

Getting rid of ground markers has made strafing a lot more difficult & challenging - which is fun! Before, it was like shooting fish in a barrel - now the fish have a chance!

My advice is - hide or play dead, and whatever you do, don’t try to shoot at the planes! That is a “come hither” signal.


Exactly - AA is now the most obvious target for a strafe because it is shooting.

Also dark coloured vehicles on light ground cover are easy enough to see.

People who thought this was going to completely remove fighter attacks are naïve.

Aircraft attacks with bombs are worse than ever.

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That would be because nothing at all has changed for them… other than perhaps a few people are not taking a fighter every time they can so there might be a bomber ot 2 more in any given match.

That’s expected, my issue is with the select group that always go straight at soft targets soon as they spawn even if you are tucked in tight somewhere on a city map.

For $3 a day you to can be a gaming god. That’s the going price for the good undetectable stuff now.