New changes have had an impact

Since the big update and the changes particularly neutering the aircraft spam in Ground Arcade I’ve noticed a reduction in the number of players in the mid BR ranges. Wait times increased to, last night 3 minutes or more was the norm. Have to wonder if the air fanboy’s are really that disgruntled at it.

I hope this doesn’t mean the powers that be will rethink things. Games in Ground Arcade now are better overall, they last longer, tend to be more balanced and the funs back. It’s real tank on tank battles again instead of the constant bomer spam and lawn darters raining on you constantly.

I’m still getting “lawn darted” so i have no Idea what change has been made…Just make a category in AB without planes …simple, done, and get back to what a ground battle is .I’ve been complaining about this issue for 3 years …I play open SPGs a lot and it’s brutal

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I was getting matches almost instantly, and I was playing late at night. I use EU, RU and US servers.

Not really but I get what you mean, with CAS the way it was before it was even worse. But I still get matches with very very unbalanced teams, both ways.

On the positive, and although I’m good with using planes, I get less harassed by them on my tanks, still get killed by them due to no sound of bomb whistling. Interceptors tend to focus more on the role of intercepting planes, and fighter escorts on the role of escorting bombers and attackers.

It could be made better sure but I still think it will improve the game, especially for those using open top or light armoured tanks.

If it was me I would simply remove enemy markers while using planes and keep the friendly ones, you could still tell the difference between friend or enemy but you wouldn’t be able to tell immediately where are the “soft” targets or SPAAs.


Yes, it still happens but it is happening way less than before since you can’t tell immediately where and which type of target is. Also the game is way easier for SPAAs now.

And since it’s harder to tell where the “easy” targets are maybe players will focus more in intercepting planes, which will benefit those in tanks too.

Not directed at you, just my views so far. I honestly cannot say if the “kamikaze/lawndart” thing has changed at all, I don’t have time to watch what others are doing so much. Personally . . . I have to say that it is much easier to fall into that now for the basic reason that, without the ability to “spot” tanks nearly as well as before, I have to fly lower, look harder and end up putting myself at more risk and in the end, being lower & closer to the ground, it is far easier to just splat guys than it was before. I used to enjoy strafing tanks and getting as low & close to them WITHOUT running into them . . . it was just fun and looked cool . . .lol. Now, that is next to impossible to do on a regular basis. I always went for enemy planes first as a I like the “escort” role and plane kills are good for your score. But also went after ground targets as soon as that was done, in the time I had remaining. You get some hits and can end up with Assists, even a kill now and then, just more points, scoring, SL’s . . etc. Staying alive pays a very meager reward as well, Safe & Sound . . maybe make that reward of a decent value/incentive to stop players from lawndarting so much. They implemented a change in how planes spawn in AB Ground battles a good time back and frankly, that made flying planes in that more far less desirable than anything. Without any real fix to the spawning part of it, this marker thing really is irrelevant to me anyway.
At any rate, I turned off the names in the tags/markers years ago, only shows vehicle type & distance, all the info I really need. Less “clutter” and less incentive to actually seek revenge. It has helped, as I noticed that “going after” someone, whether air or ground battles is generally too time consuming and often unfulfilling anyway. At the very least, return friendly team mate’s markers . . . I cannot even get my head around the idea of how this helps anything in any way at all . . . I have peppered 2 team mates so far, because . . . I had no idea what team they were one . . . this is totally uncalled for and leaving things as is . . . just not helpful to the game in anyway I can see.

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As I said above, “Yes, it still happens…” but I’m seeing it way less than before and also kamikaze attacks are way less effective than before, since you can’t tell most of the time what type of target you are shooting at. Of course if you know where they are in the map it’s likely that you will still get some, I’ve done it on these past days(without the kamikaze part). I don’t like 100% the way they changed it but to be honest I think it made the life easier for those that enjoy to play open top or light armoured tanks, I’ve been avoiding them for years now cause I knew what would happen in every match. SPAAs are so much more effective now.
I don’t mind getting a bit less score by using planes if the matches last a bit longer, and if those using lighter tanks survive more time then I can still score their kills on my tank also(or get killed by them).
I got to say that the first time I spawned a interceptor it felt a bit confusing without any player markers, and I really couldn’t tell which ones were from my team with absolute certainty, so I think at least they should bring the friendly markers back. Many of the times I used planes I tried to help teammates that were close to the enemy, right now I’m not risking a teamkill.
Another thing that worries me and that I’ve seen another player mentioning, is the increased advantage that those who cheat in this game will have now when using planes, they will most likely keep seeing markers when the rest of the players won’t be seeing them.

Ummm if you were in an attacker of any kind, there were markers, the bigger fighters(still considered a fighter) do not, but again, you’re supposed to going after enemy bombers/attackers, so that designation is more of a nuisance than any help as far as that goes. Many planes have the wrong or misleading designations and it in no way obliges players to use them “as intended” . … heck, it’s AB. Basically if it has forward facing guns it can be considered a fighter, and if it carries any bombs, also can be considered a bomber. That’s why this intentional “nerf” of fighters makes even less sense in AB. I would wager more than a fair amount of “tank mains” only fly in their Combined Battles games and don’t even go near Air Combat. No way of knowing the numbers without scouring 100’s if not 1000’s of player stat cards/serve records . . . ain’t nobody got time for that. But the game makers will never be able to “force” players to use any vehicle only for it’s intended purpose . . jsut not feasible and kinda silly to even think they can. And that is what this appears to be trying to do. Trying to lessen the “revenge” thing won’t work either, if a player wants to “go after” a particular enemy, they will find a way. I appreciate and applaud their intent, but to me, it seems far fetched and not very practical in it’s implementation. Without friend markers for fighters . . . just not very good in my opinion. I would rather they just removed names and the skull icon and let it go at that . . . seems more practical and less intrusive on game play.

Keep in mind here folks, there’s certain aspects of this game that won’t change regardless of what Gaijin does due to reasons that cannot even be mentioned in here. Whatever mods are done to change or restrict an exploit or glaring problem, there’s ways to get around it available with hours of being implemented.

Arcade is a hotbed for this.

The markers are still there for bombers an attackers, just not for fighters on both teams. The good thing is that it makes those fighters more focused in doing what they are supposed to do which is killing other planes and I intentionally used fighters to get certain ground kills for my tasks a lot, but I always do it after killing enemy planes. I haven’t played open top or light armoured tanks yet since these changes but I could bet it’s much easier than before, I’ve only tried SPAAs and it’s much better now.

So do some tanks, M18 is a tank destroyer and they changed it for a light tank cause they said that is how the tank was being played. For me they only did it cause of the tank destroyer tasks, to not have it as a vehicle option. If we start changing vehicle types just cause of how players use them then we probably end having some SPAAs change to light or medium tanks too.

I don’t see it as a “nerf” for fighters since it’s a Ground game mode, Combined Battles would be more like in RB where you actually pick your planes and your live counts, in AB you don’t pick your planes, and the mechanic is mostly controlled by Gaijin, they pick the planes for you and they pick where they spawn for you. I understand those that want to play tanks in a Ground game mode, I’m not one of them cause I use plenty of planes, all types, in Ground AB, but I do understand those that get killed by kamikaze planes.

Well, they keep adjusting maps in order to stop players from playing like they would like, every good spot a map has is threatened by the complaints of players that simply don’t try to use the maps in their advantage. One day we’ll end with 2 opposite spawns and a single cap point in the center, and a open path between them, turning players into bots. Spawn, move forward, die and repeat until the match is over.

I wouldn’t mind if we keep the markers if they didn’t show the vehicle type and name of the player, the skull was very toxic and only promotes revenge playing, makes no sense why they even added it. But between what we had and what we have now, I have to say that for now I prefer what we have today, and I use plenty of planes on my matches, all types.

After a few more matches with the recent changes of removing markers for fighters I can say that the whole CAS mechanic is not much better than the trash it was.

Yes, life is better for open top and light armored tanks but the CAS mechanic itself is still trash and manipulated. Why I say this? It’s Gaijin that picks the planes for your and it’s Gaijin that picks where they spawn and this makes all the difference here. If Gaijin wants to benefit one team(or player) they simply put the bombers/attackers too far from interceptors or the complete opposite and put the interceptors on top of their target as they spawn. Bombers/attackers keep spawning behind the enemy’s spawn points, this makes them able to basically drop their bombs on the other team’s tanks as they spawn without interceptors having time to kill them(unless Gaijin decides to put the interceptors at 500m as they spawn). The old system was so much better when planes on both teams would spawn facing each other, there was always a chance to intercept enemy planes, doesn’t mean it always happened but anyone had the chance to either intercept the enemy’s bombers or dodge the enemy’s interceptors, as it is now Gaijin controls it mostly.

Bombers/attackers now can drop bombs on your tank and you cannot even see your own marker.
Gaijin should at least bring the friendly markers back, especially your own marker. They could even bring enemy markers and simply remove the type of tank from them. This would be a much better change than simply remove ALL markers only to some of the planes/players.

When fighters spawn other side of the map and directly target soft kills immediately not much question what’s going on in my book.