New Bots Using Scripts?

I was just in this game. flying normal and all a sudden only a couple seconds my teammate in the Isreal f16 zooms past me accelerating way faster than anything in game can, going from on the ground to supersonic in about 10 or so seconds. I thought maybe i was just slow, so i went into replay and this dude left our whole team in the dust. I checked his account stats, and boom around 500 deaths in that f16, only 2 total kills over all of those games. Ill drop video so you guys can see but as far as i can tell there is some new bot hacks going around. hope this guy gets banned. he also has done the same thing in multiple other vehicles, hundreds sometimes thousands of deaths and only a couple kills.
Hacker Video and account screen shot

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He dumped his ordinance (on the runway) and was in full burner in level flight while you were climbing.
Not a bot, just a douchebag.

im fixing to try the same thing with an empty fuel and no ordiance and see if i can match the acceleration

although, even if he isnt scripting its still a bot account, his stats are outragous

Performance and fisuks are still controlled by the game server and you can’t really hack that. It doesn’t matter if your client tells the server hamster your plane can do the speed of light, its gonna say “naw”.

yeah, i just checked, i had the exact same acceleration with min fuel and clean wings, for some reason he has a script or macro running his game with no loadouts. unless people pay some company to have that ai program play it. im not sure how that bot thing works but he definalty used it with his like 1:200 KD

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Generally they use premies for botting to maximize the farmed SL/RP, also they are scripted to fly to a base and drop bombs, not dump them on takeoff, other wise you get zilch with a 0% activity. So this is either a badly written bot, or someone let their cat play.

not to sure, looks like he has every vehicle in the tech trees based on his account, maybe hes just using a crappy bot to spade it

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The power of the time value of hacking. Even just a few hundred SL/RP per game adds up to a huge number if its running 24/7.

i wish they went back to the kill based system where the each kill gave you a certain amount so you make exponentially more when you got more kills. now it seems like you can get 4 kills compared to 1 and only get like 50% more rp although 4x as many kills.

I donno.
Anyway, this thread is gonna get locked shortly, since Gaijin doesn’t allow the obvious to be stated.