New April Fools Event completly destroys my PC and FPS


I want to enjoy the new event but simply cant. My FPS drop down to almost 0, Sounds keep bugging and overwriting themself to make my game stutter and when I hit destroyed players vehicles my game crashes completly.

Please for the love of god, fix this mess.

RTX 3070
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X
16GB Ram

I have the same rig as you, cool.

But my FPS were ok.

Odd , my pc is almost the same as you and plays fine , i am using an 6700xt instead 3070 but both are almost equal performance in some games , not sure how is 3070 in this game.

What kind of resolution and settings you play ? i personally prefer graphics over fps but i get constantly 144fps at 1440p in high-ultra settings, maybe try rollback driver? or check task manager and see what is sucking all your resources , also are you using SSD?

Shit doesnt work, regardless what I change. The game ran fine before, now it doesnt.