New Aerobatic Display Team Map

The Ruhr Map is getting old although it has several needed bits that needs fixing like the slope on the main runway at Dortmund Airport and the Hill as you approach it from the West. Although the map needs updating that includes the airfields like Essen/Mulheim and Dusseldorf Airport. SO for the Aerobatic Display Teams and Flight Training School we need a new map, one that is in the UK that covers 4 airfield miles apart from each other.

On Google Maps / Earth the best suitable place for the New Map will be In the Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire counties of England. There are 3 active airfields
Cotswold Airport (Formally known as RAF Kemble)
RAF/USAF Fairford (home to the RIAT)
RAF Brize Norton

and 3 disused airfields possibly WW2, also these old airfields has a Triangular shape design with 3 runways.

RAF Down Ampney
RAF Broadwell
RAF Blakehill Farm

The biggest industrial town is Swindon located south from these airfields. Thought it would may things better instead of staying on one old map Ruhr in Germany with the airfields that don’t quite excist today as you see on the map.