New Adaptation or game mode for ground realistic

Often the battles now are over in a matter of minutes due to one death leaving, especially at BRs like 10.0/10.3 where nearly every country has a premium at that BR. While there are already some measures in place to avoid this like the free backups when purchasing a premium and even attack drones as a free vehicle to spawn and potentially contribute, this continues to be an issue.

I think that there could be an adaptation to, or separate version of ground rb where you’re required to have at least two vehicles within a set number of BRs from the BR you’re queuing for. For ex when queuing for 10.0 you would need to have at least one other vehicle 8.0 or higher on the lineup (you could have other lower vehicles on the lineup as well, but at least one of which needs to be within 2.0 brs of the highest br vehicle you que with).
This could even be simplified to having a minimum required number of vehicles on the lineup to que.

This would prompt player to stay in the match longer, contribute more and make the games more enjoyable for everyone. Often a team gets completely wiped after the first push and the majority of the team ends up leaving after the 1st death leaving the few with full lineups to face the entire enemy team.

There could be several variations/adaptations of this concept, but the general theme is the same.
This would increase the learning curve of new players prompting them to use different tanks and increase time in games giving them more opportunity to learn from their experience.
This would make certain BRs where this is a bigger issue more enjoyable for those with full lineups.
It would also lead to matches being more engaging and less one sided. When matches are close players are more likely to respawn in an attempt to help win, rather than dying early in the game and not feeling at all invested in the outcome.

This in no way is meant to exclude those with a high BR premium and lower tech tree lineups. So long as they would be able to have more than just that one vehicle and on their lineup and contribute in some way beyond one life. Even a player in a m22 can contribute by capturing objectives in a 11.3 game, a rank 2 scout vehicle can provide useful intel to their team with callouts and scouting, a m16 has a chance at killing a heli or a lightly armored IFV, etc…

Some potential ideas:
min required vehicles on a lineup- this could apply after a certain rank/br - the min number could increase as the rank/br increases (within reasonable amount and never exceeding the Free/SL crew slots not requiring the use of crew slots that would require GE

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Make a suggestion this is a discussion thread.

Splitting the matchmaker isn’t going to go over well, the wait times will increase for all parties and that won’t be accepted well. In terms of a minimum amount of vehicles for a lineup, it won’t make a difference. The reason why is I can bring a 11.3 premium and 9 reserve vehicles but only spawn the one and leave. There is already an amazing incentive for staying in a game for the duration, the time played bonus. You get absolute tons of rp for actually staying in a vehicle for as long as possible, but I feel like people don’t actually understand how big of a deal that is.

This is one of my recent games, and as you can see the time played is a massive amount of rp gain. If people were aware of how this works, it would change playstyles for the better. It changed mine as soon as I learned of the difference this makes, even if you don’t get large amounts of kills.