New 155mm M107(PF) Proxy settings or possible bug?

Type 75SPH and the new AuF1 use the same 155mm M107 (Proximity Fuse) Shell, a Shell with 61mm of overall penetration, which enables the Tank to fire behind enemy cover.

Just after the Update dropped, I noticed that the Proxy Shell doesnt work as it used before, more so, it behaves like it used like 1 year ago, where the Shell would either explode 50m in front of the aimed at Tank or behind it, without the the proxy going off of the tank you shoot at.

I wonder, is this a “new” Setting for the Shell or is this probably a bug?

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Post La Royale, the proximity fuse is triggered by the ground now as well.

Its how these shells behave in real life, they’re meant for airbursting just above the ground.

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No more fun 10 kills+ games with the Type 75 SPH I guess, was wondering why it wouldn’t hit anything.

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Thats well and all, when the shells drop down from the sky from many kilometers away. In War Thunder theyre always going to be close to the ground.


The job of the 150mm class VTHE is to burst in the air and kill even soft targets such as infantry in trenches and prone infantry, which is difficult with conventional fuses. However, until now, the VTHE fuse operating distance in the game was excessively short.

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well does this count for the 155mm too?

AuF1 je to nepoužitelna krabice, zbytečně to zkoumat ,M107 pf funguje jen lehce panceřovana vozidla, a oe155 musite se modlit aby jste dobre trefili. vertikalni naměr mne zbytecny stroj.

I just use the stock shell still vaporizes tanks and rangefinder while not fast helps i find it so fun.

ani jako zasobni jedine jako popelařsky vuz,nejde se s tim nikde schovat,čim vic s tim hraji tak sestrelit je problem, nema žadne klady. munice uplne na hov… ,delaji si z hracu srandu.pardon na jeden jsem klad zapomněl je celkem rychly,takze na vozeni odpadku je dostacujici.

I have the exact same issue, it would be nice if we could have a word from gaijin team about this
Type 75 sph with proxy shell was one of my fav tank ever when the shell workin properly.
Im so sad they broke it again

AUF1 nerozumim proč ten tank tu vubec dali a nevybavili ho pořadnou munici,navic je schopen pouzivat i jinou munici a taky byl vybaven ,hodili ho do br7 proti is 3 nebo is 6 nema žadnou sanci.z munici nejde rozbit skoro zadna budova tak si nemuzete ani udelat prostor pro střelbu a protivnik vas zabije přes budovu hrave , je to dost velke omezeni ve hře je to stejne jak u AMX 30B.