Nerf the Vidar by moving it from 8.0 to 9.0

Gaijin should move the Vidar to 9.0 because it has laser rangefinder, powerful HE shell, speed, thermal sights, and a 7.8 second reload speed. It is currently at 8.0 and many believe it should be moved to 9.0.

8.3 is fine


an artillery vehicle with thermal sights, toptier level he shells, and laser rangefinder seems fine to u at 8n3?

I agree that its fine at 8.3 Especially considering that at 9.0 you get Soviet tanks with heavely protected roofs that make an 155 mm HE chell seem like an 50mm HE chell on a tiger. Its fine at 8.3.

It has no stabilization, basically no gun depression and the size of a train, all this limits positions from which this thing can be used and size makes impossible to find “safe” spots. Despite laser rangefinder round is pretty slow for accurate long-range shots, and good amount of targets still require accurate shots, HE are not some magical rounds that kill wherever you hit. You clearly lack any understanding of how such tanks balanced and work and played.
Ah yes the enormous 7.8 reload speed for, oh my god, whole two shots! Imbalanced!

Funny thing this tank has more trouble on lower BRs because APHE and more heavily armored vehicles.

best I can do is 8.7