Nerf T34

Please nerf the T34 with tiger and panther you hafe no penetration

You mean the Soviet T-34 or American T34? Either way, they both have weak spots you need to aim for


Don’t fight him head on. The weak points are small and easy to miss. It’s a different story from the side. Flanking works wonders …

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Skill issue


German players getting a taste of their own 😂


Heavy tanks should be scary opponents for tanks a full BR lower. Long live the ARMOR META 🤣


Bring a few APCR rounds with you, since the T34 mantlet is flat, it is ideal for APCR use.

Also Tiger E and Panthers are 6.0, against T34 at 6.7.
Armor tends to work best against lower BR tanks.

Why would you. Hit the LFP to oneshot it. Or if you dont see it then aim for gun,then go for LFP.

What’s the difference there both Tee Three Fours? And he’s talking about all of them. Given how vague it is.

Smart T34 user will hull-down

Most players aren’t smart enough to flank. That’s why they’re cutting down the playable areas again.

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Luckily most maps are cities where you cant really do that, and as i said,if you dont see LFP, shoot gun, get close,shoot LFP and profit.

skill issue fr

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