Nerf Scharnhorst Armor or make it 8.0

There seems to be a chance when you hit the turrets or main babettes. Sometimes you get kill after kill, but sometimes it doesn’t work.

I did manage to get an ammorack on a Scharn today but it was in a Hood from 3km using the SAP shell.

Not sure whether it detonated down the barbette and got the magazine through that (I was aiming for the Barbette but we all know 15" guns go where they feel like), or somehow i miraculously managed to avoid the TB and get into his ammunition.

Its not 100%. But still a valid thing to hope for. Aim for the turrets with AP ammo, and most BBs or Cruiser s will detonate sooner or later. If a full salvo lands there, it happens quite often. Russian BBs won’t detonate, Kronstadt, Marat etc. are very hard to detonate. Easiest are US BBs. All others are in between. Hitting main calibre turrets and ammo elevators (hitting barbettes of ‘B’ turrets often result in detonations).


A few minutes ago I (using japan) played a battle against a godlike player that was using this magical unicorn with force fields. It literally rekt +15 of our ships, 4 planes and finished our cargo fleet without dying.
Before our demise at hands of this guy, I managed to bomb him with THREE 800kg HE bombs that didnt hit the magical unicorn, but splashed a few meters away on a side while he was invading our coastal spawn zone. I know those splashes would never kill that thing, but at least It could have damaged its side armor for my next move.
Since It was in our Coastal fleet spawn zone, I used my last respawn in the great PT-15 armed with four fast torps with 300kg warheads. I closed distance and when I noticed he started to move its secondaries to me, I launched my torps aiming for the frontal, mid and rear sections of the magical unicorn. Missed 2 torps, the other 2 hit the mid and rear section below the turret on THE SAME side my bombs splashed barely 2 minutes ago.
NO DAMAGE, I repeat, ZERO, none, nain, my torps just banished in its magical force fields of german friendship. How do I know that? well I stayed there for a while in spectator camera while he finished our cargo fleet, the magical unicorn wasnt showing ANY sign of sinkin and then I watched the server replay.

Scharn needs a nerf or a rise in its BR.

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I feel like either you where having bad luck, or you overestimated the damage your bombs and torps would do. The Scharnhorst is a WW2 Battleship so it has the armour of one. If you want to suggest it becomes higher in br when BR allows it, you could argue that. However Kronshdadt and Alaska are at the same fighting power level or better than the Scharnhorst. Also keep in mind the player may have been incredibly low on ammunition or out on some turrets, so with an expert crew could minimise damage quite effectively.

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What depth did you set the torpedos too?

The reason I ask is because if they where low enough not to be stopped by belt armour (and lets presume the torp bulge was destroyed by your bombs. The damage could have easily been absorbed by the main fuel tanks behind that wall. This was a very common tactic of defense with ships, the same with coal bunker positioning assisting with defensive armour at the risk of losing a bunker to fire and flooding.

Torpedos on boats are standard set for 1m depth or something like that. That’ll slam into the main belt armor and won’t do alot. On any BB.

Set your torpedo depth accordingly and often 1 hit does the job. I sunk several dreadnoughts and BBs with just one G7a hit. I spam them into the enemy spawn or known chokepoints with maxrange setting and quite often you get kill messages 10 minutes later…

Also keep in mind that the event is over for most ppl. They got their SMS Baden voucher and stopped playing for now. Means matches are now stacked with Bots and since there are less top tier players you get cruiser players more likely into your BR range.

Its easy to accumulate killstreaks vs. cruisers and bots. Even DD bots^^ I always focus on these weak enemies. As soon as I spot a ship with bot behavior or just a weaker ship class, I switch fire to them. I usually completly ignore known well armored enemy ships. Why wouldn’t you? Often 1/3 to 1/2 of all kills are bots and AI ships… So mere kill numbers mean nothing. Its more likely just an indicator that someone sunk alot junk AI units and alot weaker enemies.

WW2 type fast battleships have no torpedo bulges anymore. They’re all streamlined for speed. They have a massive internal compartmentalization, which even surpasses the effect of old style bulkheads.

Some biases never truly leave do they

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Marat and the rest of its kind are one of the easiest to detonate next to alaska and wyoming. Kronst is somewhere in the middle. Toughest to crack is scharnhorst then conte and fuso.

Forum overuse of victim card whenever russian stuff is mentioned is amazing lol

Well, in range inside 9 km, Marat and Kommuna is one of the hardest to detonate, somewhere near to Marlborough and Iron duke.
Kronshtadt is one of easiest to detonate, especially to battleship with high penetration like Mississippi and Mutsu.
Conte and Fuso? They are also easiest to detonate as Conte has magazine above the waterline, and Fuso can be detonated with shell room all over her hull.

Schwarzesmarken 666-SC6-… Bias much?

It’s an anime reference lmao.

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Got AP shells for Baden - OHK’ing Scharnhorsts every 2nd or 3rd game now…

I can confirm that depth charges will, in fact, kill a Scharnhorst. :3


Who would have thought using torpedos at 4m will kill a Scharhnorst. The thing is, because of it’s 1930-40’s armour scheme, if a player uses minimum shell loadouts the risk of being detonated by torps through a flash detonation is very difficult. So if you have an experted crew you will survive for long.

HOWEVER With the new and improve ship mechanics for realism (A HELL OF ALOT MORE REALIST THAN WORLD OF COASTAL SHIPS) if a large hole occurs in one section it will sadly stay permanently flooded and affect the boyancy as the damage overcame the pumps.

You can set torpedo depth? Where?

Its under ‘depth stroke’ IIRC.

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HE is apparently the best way to fight Scharnhorst. Using that exact method. Just a shame not everyone has HE at top tier naval

Yeah HE is best for actually killing the damn thing (with an occasional AP salvo to destroy the front turret pair or at least their barbettes), but thing is, it’ll take minutes to pound its hull into permaflood territory while it can instakill almost every ship in the game via ammoracks.

That’s the main problem - naval top tier between skilled players comes down to ammo rack detonations, and where as Scharnhorst cannot be reliably detonated, almost every other BB can. And for those that can’t, the Subhumanhorst has excellent survivability and volume of fire so it wins via crew attrition as well torpedoes for close range coup-de-grace.

BBs with effective turtlebacks are just inherently overpowered, and will remain so until magazine detonations can no longer be reliably abused no matter what your opponent tries as an “I win” button like they are now.

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Even Mutsu cannot deal with Scharnhorst.
If you don’t raise your BR to 8.0 or get Nagato, you won’t be able to compete.
(Even Nagato may not be able to do that.)

I don’t know much about this so I can’t say whether the problem is with the Mutsu’s shells or the Scharnhorst, but one thing I can say is that there is clearly a problem with the balance.

Also, the armor that is obviously thinner will end up being stronger because of the angle of the armor, even though it remains thick. This is a flaw in Gaijin’s modeling rules.