Need to OPEN maps up

need to Open maps up kill zones allaround a TD or a light tank cant go hide and wait for ppl to kill nop TD open tops lkight tanks need to go fight and get 1 shot on the track by a 50mm He round so lame

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incomprehensible post


In attempting to comprehend what solid is saying, I came across the decision that they want to have longer range maps with more nooks and crannies to hide in

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Maps have gotten worse.

Depends what maps we’re talking about here

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what is

most maps have been close off so you can’t hide or any thing and thx to ULQ that the dev team or who ever dont want to remove you can’t hide in bushs and behind small walls

The whole part of it,…
The post is unstructured, and it’s hard to understand that you want Gaijin to cease adding restricted areas

The gameplay would clearly benefit if the gamemodes were more inciting to move up, to ambush to surprise people,

While giving ways to reach objectives.

Instead of blocking areas, Gaijin should enlarge maps, obejctives should be spread out much more.

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Stalingrad to name one.

all of the maps kill zoner and gabed like that som dev guy did think was a good ide remove it asfp

No remove them try read omg

I’ll continue then…

You smashed 3/4 ideas together without ANY commas /point or even line break.

When i read your post, there is at least 3 possible way to understand it:

→ TD and light tanks are too weak - please buff -

→ maps are too small, restrainned

→ 50mm HE rounds are too effective and need rework

So your post is just too bad, … as we can’t CLEARLY IDENTIFY what you want.

Its not because YOU can read yourself, than others are reading the same way as you do,…

They don’t understand ALL open tops, and thin skin lights, get one shot by HE. Which is exactly how you are meant to attack them. Nothing new here apart from the person ranting.

I know, but simply: even ranting could get some idea separation ^^"

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Do not call them out or be forced to duel them in a Tiger I… according to another of the posts made. They killed an SPAA with it!!!

Yes, a bit of structure to posts would help, and that is coming from me.