Need some help

I am doing something wrong? i put this vehicle (Zerstörer 45) as a suggestion for the millionth time but every time i put it up i have to wait for 15 days sometime even a month before they can see it just for it to get deleted while still pending without any chance for it to go as a suggestion

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You’ve got to hit up the suggestion moderators to get anything back as to why this is happening.

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@super_cacti super sorry for the ping but i need some help about this matter

Hello @GHOST_KING5710 , your suggestion was not approved because your post didn’t have enough historical information about the vehicle.

I know that for obscure prototypes like this it’s hard to find proper info to write about, but we do want a bit more info about the vehicle itself. Right now I see in your post that you talk a lot about why it was built, and what the gun mounting was like.

Other then that your post is all good to go.

Also in the future please just DM a suggestion moderator instead of making a public post like this.

It’s just a wirbelwind with 30mm what more information you need the guns are Mk103/38 allready exists in the game the Kugelblitz use them but it use the two barrel version this is 4 barrel version so we have all the informations about the gun performance and it’s ballistic the chassis is a Pz.IV again already exists in the game the Zerstörer-45 is just wirbelwind with 3cm guns nothing more nothing less you have all the informations about the chassis performance and the guns performance

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