Need more anti air ground vehicles for all nations

As a player who played war thunder for quite some time and I had noticed that the aviation tech tree is getting more bigger and more powerful than ever thus making ground realistic a difficult match to play in. Sure you may say it’s skill issues but it’s not just that I noticed that most ground tech tree doesn’t have a lot of anti air units to research on where the game could be more balanced for ground. I do suggest that if there are more ground anti air for players to research on then it would make ground realistic battle more balanced and ect.


Yea, But with how Gaijin has pretty much ignored ww2 only doing these vehicles in events its looking grim. Only when there are no more modern vehicles, gaijin will return to the “fun” tier

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Unlock SPAAs by rank so if you have a vehicle at for example rank 6 but only have SPAAs up to rank 3 in that tree, you can research and unlock the rank 6 SPAA independent of the 4th and 5th rank.

This would not only introduce more SPAA players to help mitigate CAS, but it would also give ODLers something else to play.

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True but I think that if gaijin really wants historical accuracy then they really need to step up with their ani air since it’s mostly up teir or potential down teir either way is that the planes have basically everything like the Wellington and the pe-8 have essentially a mini nuke thus over killing ground units and essentially making ground realistic look and feel like air realistic but you being the target

SPAA aiming deffo needs improving, what with frequent lag issues and game response times, aiming with SPAA can be almost impossible.
some games i can take down 6+ aircraft, some games i cant hit a damn thing.
the whole experience is vastly tainted.
shooting tanks comes with assistance, the colour pen indicators, the outline indicators.
but what do you get with planes? a rough circle that may or may not be anywhere near where you need to be aiming in order to hit the damn things.
i understand that planes turn in the air, and that the guide reticle only indicates the direction the plane is headed in that split moment, and that therefore a certain amount of lead and movement prediction needs to be made.
but hitting planes is a PITA.

but yet planes have no problems taking out spaa from over 2km distance?
plane bullets do not seem to act according to gravity quite the same as regular tank bullets, i get that they shoot downwards, but SUVAT equations predict downwards forces also and there is equally a ‘sag’ in a bullets trajectory.
but seemingly not with planes.
that needs improving.

what would also help is tracer rounds that are more visible to the SPAA operator, afterall thats what tracer rounds are for?
so why then are most tracer rounds so damn hard to see???
ive seen tracer from a SPAA from a plane, WHOOOLE different experience. the pilot sees bright glowing streamers coming from the ground, ive also seen tracers from spaa from other ground vehicles, again COMPLETELY inverse to what the SPAA guy gets to see, faint dimly lit (if at all) grey dots…

generally better AA all round until then.

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I would love an update that is just spaa.


If it’s an effective one then they will not make the current situation any better.