Need help! with J35D Draken strike loadout!

Currently, in game, the J35D can’t carry its historical strike loadout that consists of two 7.5 cm spark m/57B rockets x19 (2 pods on belly) and two m/56D rockets x6 (one on each wing in total 12) because of in-game weight restriction. Meaning that the weight limit should be increased to 858kg to accommodate the possibility for its historical strike loadout.

The soruce i used was from is form Arboga Eletroniskhistoriaska förening which purpose is to document swedish plane development. It wasnt enough and the report got marked as an non issue. I was wondering if someone with experiance could make a proper report on Gaijin issues so this issue can be corrected?



The Draken really did just get bent by gaijin, mostly because of incompetent players. So gaijin did done goofed and nuked the Draken manueverability

Anyway, Sure they should add it. make a suggestion, or Bug report. idk what this qualifies under


I dont know how :( Because arboga elektronikhistoriska förening considerd as a site in Gaijin eyes and therefore i need another source to make it accepted. Even tho this source has everything about swedish planes and notes its own sources its not enough. And the sources that are metioned are books which i dont have acces too. Therefore im looking for help.

i used AEF.s manual pictures as proof that the J29s had more extended armament capabilities. And listed the site sources. Do the same.

The J29s still dont have their Droptanks tho

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Ok! I will try to do like ur report, hope it works. THX!

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Hey, i found the actual manual that got declassified in 2015:

page 10 describes most common loadouts and indeed you see 12 ARAK and 38 JRAK on the same loadout.

This is however the J35F but i don’t know how much difference that makes.


A fair bit since it had extended capabilities.

it also had updated avionics, better engine, and reinforced wings and improved landing gear.

Wait i dident know that, looking at AEF they have the same motor RM-6C.

He comparing the J35A/B to the J35F. Inndeed the J35F had an better engine then the A and B variant. But D should be same, plus it werent even mentioned. The J35F and D had the RM-6C, you can even look ingame and see that the the D and the XS (finnish mod of the J35F) has the same engine while the A variant has the RM 6B.

and its incorrect according to the J35 Draken book written by interviewing makers and pilots of the Draken. If im not misstaken.

Well crup. Im getting a headache. If you find the handbook then it would be cool sending sending it. But i have three sources claiming otherwise. Tho i dont know if you can count wikipedia as a reliable source. But the two other are. And also if you find out you ought to crate a suggestion or bug reaport that J35D has the wrong engine.

Here is the book, its in swedish.

THANK GOD! I have alredy read that :) They mention that the B and D had different engine but the D and F had the same, the big diffrance being avionics between the D and F! Man you were scaring me!!!



Anyways thank you Kartin75 for helping me have en så kallad mall att följa to make the report. OFC thanks you Necromonica and Tagnoch for the files also! The suggestion is wating to be approved now!

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