Need Help with Camera and Mouse for Aircraft on PC

I tried to bind main and secondary guns for tanks but it messed up a bunch of controls. I then had to go back to default which unbinded many of my air control settings including mouse settings. Currently I’m fine if I fly straight and level with very little movement but if I try to maneuver in any way the plane goes straight up and my view just goes all over the plane and I can’t correct.
I’ve been playing for 10 years and now I can’t fly at all.
Can anyone help me with what settings I need to change to stop this?

Dunno man, but if reset controls doesn’t work you can try to rename this file, then restart game

C:\Users\<WINDOWS_LOGON_ID>\Documents\My Games\WarThunder\Saves\<WARTHUNDER_ID>\production\machine.blk

WARTHUNDER_ID should be some number sequence.

This file holds all your controls and other settings, so you’ll be basically back to square 1

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Thank you for your reply but I already reset but this mouse/camera thing is my last problem.