Need help with aircraft sight stabilization in ground rb

I’ve been trying to use a thermal pod together with dumb bombs, first scouting a target with the pod and then engaging it. Unfortunately sight stabilization includes ccrp which blocks the bomb release anywhere but the target point. I know I could go around this by just toggling the targeting point off. I would however prefer that it stays there as a marker for the targets location.

I guess my actual question is: Is it possible to designate a target without ccrp automatically engaging?

Well as I understand it stabilization is linked to SPI (which is the red box that represents a point in the game world) which is also linked to CCRP. Because of this, I don’t see how you could stabilize the pod and not have CCRP (Provided the aircraft has CCRP ofc).

It might be a better idea to bind your deactivate target point key to a convenient location for this, so you can quickly disable it before you drop your bombs.