Need help for su 27 radar

hello can some one explain what they have done to su 27 radar i notice that it lose lock now

Well what mode do you use the radar in? Could you provide some gameplay footage of it happening?


It’s a garbage radar unfortunately, gaijin made it a copy paste Mig-29 radar


I use hmd but now seem like it loses lock on targets

Well the HMD works fine for me when using the Su-27. Are trying to use it on targets that are notching or moving away?

I mean… that’s accurate.


Maybe it’s because of new automatic lock mode switch?

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It is not, it should be better, even if not by much. In game its mig-29 radar with 1.5x range modifier.

New automatic mode, made ACM/HMD and radars largely useless. Now radars will lock anything, including chaff instead of the target coming straight at you, which btw will get you killed over and over again while you try to get a lock.

Don´t waste your time playing top tier right now, they turned it into a clownfest.


No they are coming close to me

I don’t know why they did it was fine before

Well it should be working fine (it still does for me). Can you show gameplay clips of it happening?

no it just lose lock on hmd if u are in eu server we can try how it worcks