Need help adding mouse aim back for the pitch axis in controls


As you can see, there is a mouse icon on the roll axis indicating that you can roll left or right in full real control mode, however, i deleted the setting long ago for the pitch axis and i can’t change it back.
The result of this is i can roll my plane left and right with my mouse in full real control mode, but i can’t pitch up and down with my mouse in full real control mode. Does anyone know how to place the mouse icon in the pitch axis setting as well? I need help putting it back.

If you reset to base control scheme for the game (after making a backup of your controls) does it return?

if it does, you may have to re-create controls to how you like using that new setup

For me it helped to go from mouse aim to full real controls. After that, the pitch with the mouse was restored.

a bit too lazy to do that as i have hundreds of specific settings on my controls.

does anyone know how to set the control again? still need help.

i use full real controls all the time

My friend had a very similar problem. We fixed it by editing his control config file.
If you haven’t already, save your controls (export to file in the bottom left).
Open that file and scroll down/ Ctrl+F to a section that looks like -


You would need to look for a similar block for the elevator. Whatever value is after mouseAxisId should be changed to 1 which should fix the issue, after importing the controls in game.