Need decals to NOT show over user camos

As the title says.
I’ve been looking to get into using user camouflages more, particularly on aircraft.
I like to use decals as I know user camouflages cannot be seen by other players, and I don’t want to look like I am using only a stock camouflage (gotta plaster my country’s flag all over the vehicle, as it’s CLEARLY the MOST patriotic thing to do.)
Problem is, whenever I put decals on a vehicle, they show over most ground and all aircraft user camouflages I have downloaded, making them look worse. I don’t understand what makes them show on some, and not on others.
I would like to know if there is a way for me to edit user camouflages so decals do NOT show over them, especially on aircraft.
Some images for context (Idk why they aren’t uploading so I am putting in discord image links):
What I want to see: 3.png (1174×457) (
What I want other players to see: 2.png (1088×463) (
What I end up seeing: 1.png (1180×463) (
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

I thought there was already a option like that ? if not, then best to make a suggestion!

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It’s completely how the creator set up their skin… without getting too technical it mostly has to do with the alpha channel on the skin if it will allow the camouflage condition and decals to show through IIRC

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Is there a means to edit the alpha channel so the decals don’t show? I’m willing to use whatever program is needed