Need 12.0 SPAA against CAS

CAS BR compare to SPAA is having seriously big gap between when you have difficulty to shoot down high flying planes/jets that can evade you SPAA missiles and cannons because they are flying high and out of range of must SPAA we know. Even Pantsir/Tor is having difficult against top tier Jets.

The nations need new SPAA to fill the gap and better reward for player using the SPAA to protect they teammate.

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I still got hopes for the next BattlePass to see a premium SPAA … dare to destroy this hope :-P

I don’t think there “is” such a thing as 12.0 SPAA you could give to most nations.

This is the problem with CAS/ground unit balance going forward: We’re still in the 1980s/90s when it comes to top tier jets, but we’ve added most of the prototype and high end SHORAD/LAAD systems most countries had at some point or the other.

If CAS keeps getting stronger (and it will) due to improving technology, then the current 11.7 SPAA is going to be increasingly hopeless against jets dropping Brimstones, Maverick-Gs, and CBUs from orbit directly onto your roof.

A Tank Battles mode might become necessary if only because there won’t be a real counter to 1990s and 2000s era guided munitions (unless Gaijin opts to add strategic SAM systems, which I doubt).

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static SAM systems and/or ultra low Fighter Spawn cost are the only option

Technically Pantsir supposedly 12.0 BR.

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Lol, you should try to shoot 12.0 jet down in Pantsir or Tor because these jets are consider must dangerous in top tiers. I go mid tier and then lack decent spaa to fight Cold War jets.

I think a good way rather than have better SPAA (some nations still need some) against cas would be to adjust the spawn cost for planes. Being able to spawn an f16 with 6 AGM and 2 gbu that could kill 8 tanks (or more if they are near each other) after getting 3 kills or even less if they have a light tank with airstrike modification should not be allowed in GRB.

The spawn cost could be adjusted to the possible result achieved, this way spawning a plane with missile that can one shot a tank should not cost less SP than what’s required to spawn a tank where it’s harder to get a kill.
This way each tank killing armament makes the planes more expensive, so at that point you can choose wether to spawn a cas and possibly kill 6-8 tanks “manually” or keep trying and go for a nuke to end it.

Even the top SPAA isn’t capable of dealing with the CAS options currently presented ingame. SHORAD is simply not able to respond to all threats nor was it designed to. Since WW2 when air combat became the norm interception was the only true way to prevent CAS. Gaijin choosing to not reflect this ingame is ahistorical.