Nearly no point to full lineups, games over to fast

I worked hard to have full lineups of 2-3 MBTs, 1 aa, and one CAS to every nation I play at top tier. I have five nations but top tier games are so one sided I rarely use 2 or 3 let alone my full lineup.

We need larger maps to slow down the steam roll effect. These tiny maps, once the first wave has been killed the enemy push up to spots and pin you down so if you do respawn again you can’t leave…

I can’t recall a game last two weeks that latest the full time and was a real back and forth blood bath. That’s the problem.


This. Games are over within the first few minutes so there’s no point in flanking because as soon as the enemy figures out where you are you get dog piled by 20 tanks because your entire team disintegrated where you simply cannot win even if you are the best player in the world.


My question is has it always been like this? I’m relatively hour wise a newer player that just reached top tier ground after playing air for years but every match seems like the victor is pre determined and resulting to spawn killing by my second respawn. I get that there are issues at top tier but surely this is the result of something new right? It’s borderline unplayable of I’m being honest and I’ve been enjoying custom battles much more and don’t even really bother trying to progress. Not to mention that seeing it like this puts starting another nation off the table cause what is the point of all that grinding just to experience this? Something has to be done cause I don’t see many accepting this much longer.

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We need larger maps to slow down the steam roll effect.

Large maps and sniping in general are boring and will make grinding worse with longer battles that give you roughly the same amount of rp. Larger maps also feature less cover for tanks to hide from spawncampers and especially CAS.

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Exactly. What was Gaijin smoking when they made it so that Leo A1A1s would fight T-80UDs??

Ruble bills

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Standard Leopard 1 can face the Object 279 that’s a lot worse than A1A1 vs UD.


Maybe, but the Type 74(F) is the same BR as the Leo A1A1 with a better dart, laser rangefinder, better mobility, and better protection against autocannons.

Regardless, this entire area is very overcompressed and we should move ground up to 12.0 to also give things like the Ariete AMV or Chally 3 or Leclerc some breathing room, as well as decompress high tier as a whole.

Not necessarily, xp is time based. One cap, one kill then leave gives you less xp than 2 assists and you played 5:00 min longer.

Large maps don’t have to be boring. They can add small settlements, add hills add interesting things to the map.

It’s gaaijn poor map design.


xp is time based

This does not outweigh the fact that matches will probably take 25min if larger maps were implemented. With smaller maps you might get 5 kills in 10min, leave and go to the next match. With these maps the time you need for the same amount of kills is a lot longer and if you’re unlucky you get low battle activity as well.

Large maps don’t have to be boring. They can add small settlements, add hills add interesting things to the map.

That’s true but people play this game for the pvp aspect not because of nice maps.

It’s gaaijn poor map design.

90% of maps are terrible and result in spawncamping 10 minutes into the game.

Reworked European Province and Fulda disagree with you.

The only reason CAS is able to so easily spot you is due to revenge bombing and because they’re given on the ground markers from machine gun fire.

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Battle Mode is usually now everyone’s favorite gamemode because of this, from what I’ve seen.

The point of a line up is for you to have a selection of vehicles for any situation depending on the map terrain


ODL’ing causes the matches to be over so fast, it’s not just the maps, it’s a complex combination of factors.

There is only one major problem I find with Tank matches that makes me play mainly planes.

After an hour or 2 of flying and having fun, I play tanks and I only get 3 lives, where, when I was flying my planes, I had all 5 lives to fly “all” the planes in my line up, plus, if I have back ups, I can keep flying till I have used each plane twice. It really, really spoils the fun so I go back to flying my planes where the games last longer and are a lot more fun because of it. What is the point of being able to choose 5 tanks if you cannot use them all?

the game was slower (as it still is with lower tiers) but the maps didn’t grew with the tank performance, so the games at top tier are way quicker over, than anything we had earlier.

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I have so, so many backups on all my planes. But I cannot do air arcade. So, air Rb is the same over fast

Which is even more reason they need a map rework for 10.0 br and higher. Heck, maybe even 9.0

Good maps that offer a variety of terrain, tactics/options is definitely part of enjoying the game for me. I hate the high tier super small, shoe box rush maps. I find those boring. The maps in this game are sub-par and take away greatly from game experience. The game really is not based on good gameplay though…it is based on the never ending climb for the next thing. Sad really. So much unrealized potential for other and more developed gameplay mechanics and modes.

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