Navel bots not counting in battle pass

Bots put in by war thunder not being counted in battle pass kills. Why can’t they be counted or at the very least an icon put above their vessel identifying them as a bot so the players won’t waste their time on them. It’s very frustrating to see at the end of a match that you only got credit for one kill when you destroyed 3. Sometimes is takes several minutes to destroy them. You can always fight the bots after the player vessels.


Coastal is generally not a good place to grind BP missions, that sort of thing will happen often due to lower player count.

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It’s happening in 6.0 battles

I support the idea of counting bots in battlepass/events/daily task. The lack of players isn’t fault of the player. Furthermore, if gaijin wants more players in those modes less played, they shouldn’t put difficulties in them. The time invested in find a naval battle is already long, killing a ship might take you several minutes.


Naval is a dead gamemode.

they have done their best to destroy it but still it survives
it will be interesting to watch what they do next to kill it
fortunately it gets below standard programmers so it will take awhile to kill it well

It’s in the conditions when kill counts are limited to player vehicles - it has always been so for both battle pass and daily/special warband tasks - read them and believe what they say!

Not in the least - it’s what I play the most (90% of my games) and how I get SL to fund everything else - fabulous money maker all those AI targets are! :)

They aren’t trying to kill it, I just don’t think they know what to do with it to make it better.
Or should I say, they don’t know a way to make it better that will increase their profits.

Good suggestion, I hope Gaijin implements it. Sucks to do an aerial kill just to learn you torpedoed a bot and that it won’t be counted and now you have to do another game yet.

I have premium time so SL isn’t really an issue for me when playing air/ground RB.
Shooting AI boats and getting obliterated by an OP ahistorical Russian navy isn’t my idea of fun, or most other people’s, hence the dismal player count.

Full games this evening - it seems lots of people want Renown :)