Something I have noticed is the recent increase in attention to naval. I’ve seen more posts, and even though these are mostly negative posts, it is nice to see naval get some attention. Naval has many faults. Br compression is at its worse, people have a hard time with the aiming system. So I want to make a positive Naval post. Part of the reason naval has so many problems is the lack of attention it gets. Gaijin doesn’t bother much with it because we don’t as well. So I would like to point out that this recent extra attention it gets could lead gaijin to make more of an effort to fix it. I am very happy to see more people try naval and give it some attention. I want more people to play and enjoy naval as I do. So I hope the post brings some more attention to naval to make it a better game mode for naval fans to enjoy.


Naval is fantastic, it does have issues, dont get me wrong. But I think I have more fun in naval than I do in any other gamemode at the moment.

Fixing those issues, wouldnt be impossible and youd have an incredible gamemode. Such potential, Gaijin just need to put in the work.


Agreed. Naval has just been fun in a way air and ground haven’t been for me.


Naval RB has pretty much become my main mode these days. While anything can always be improved, it’s a ton of fun.


I’ve always enjoyed Naval. Running destroyers in close combat is quite exhilarating, and being a US main I get to use the best destroyers for the job.