Naval teamkilling system either needs to be removed or remade


I’ve pondered this for ages & have talked about this a few times on the forum be it the old or new one along with other forums like reddit & to even CC’s on youtube & twitch but of all the team kill system in NF is terrible to the point it’s rage inducing (well imo at less RIP several 500% boosters).

For an aircraft to be kicked from a battle it’s two blue on blue kills but for a warship it’s one, Hell even just slightly damaging an aircraft as a ship is enough to be kicked as a ship.

I first noticed this years back about how dumb it’s watching players randomly leave after a TK then one match with the Type 41 AA Frigate as a Mitsubishi G4M1 flew between me & a target an a HE-VT shell clipped them causing a oil leak & wing damage but before I could say sorry I was kicked, Fun note they flew back to the airfield landed an took off again.

This doesn’t just effect player operated AF TT aircraft but even player AI floatplanes if one is flying off into woop woop ntm even AI aircraft in EC battles if one is shot down POOF you go back to your port.

I was waiting for a replay to come life to the server but now since the update I doubt I can show the replay since iirc they flush old replays once a new update comes out. (still not sure even after all these years how to post screenshots via mobile especially not with the poxy new forum with limited information on what everything does ntm doesn’t work as great as the old one tbh).

My recent match was in which I was trying to do a torpedo run in a Piaggio P.108 unfortunately the torps were bugged not dropping so I had to make several passes trying to drop them all until the last moment I was over the top of a Clemson class destroyer & clipped it’s mast resulting in me ditching moments later.

Where does TK’ing come into this??

Well while I was doing my circling & troubleshooting there was a Gabbiano class Corvette blasting away with it’s 20 mm autocannons at the destroyer while unleashing 100 mm shells at it as well, So when I flew in & nicked that mast I was peppered with 20 mm fire from the corvette as such when I ditched they were instantly kicked & man did I feel bad for them knowing what happened to the point post match I apologize for this stupid bloody game mechanic.


Totally agree with you

I was playing with my SKR-7 when an other ship tried to rush me, so I did a full torpedo salvo to block/kill him. It was a success so I went on with the mission.

Now imagine my reaction when literally 10 min later I got sent into the shadow realm for teamkilling one single friendly ship. Instant kick from the battle. I was like when? how? It took me a good miniute to figure it out. That when I did the panic full torpedo slavo one or two torpedos went between the islands and they just kept on going. Only to hit a friendly ship who was bumbling in the area 10 miniutes later.

I think its riddiculous that you get instantly executed for something that you did perfectly correctly 10 minutes earlier. Like how am I supposed to know that my teammate will be there in the future.

So yeah TK needs to be removed from naval!