Naval super bots are breaking the game

Just what it says time to get the bots out of the game or nerf the F*** out of them.

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wdym nerf them? like the actual gaijin bots or the player bots

Reduce there damage or hit chance

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I’m sure he is talking about those player accounts that use a script. Not the first version of it, but the recent ones that have an extremely high accuracy aimbot feature, and they always focus fire on a single target at the start of the match. It’s really annoying to be on the receiving end of them, even when you’re not within line of sight.

All you can do for now is use the server replay page and report them for botting.


Very true, but no the Gaijin AI bots that are in the game. They steal kills, take capture points, have perfect aim, and shoot you down at 14000+ feet. Just like the AAA that was out of control in AB so now are they.