Naval servers crashing

This is not entirely unexpected when taking the quality of the servers gaijin uses and previous surges in the naval playerbase, but the naval servers are repeatedly going down. for me so far in the last 24 hours it’s about 1 in 3 games will crash.

Gaijin ever seems to be able to predict increases in players of modes in response to their own events, or anything else for that matter. is gaijin even aware of these crashes?


It’s not about the quality of the servers, but about the quality of the game code. Servers that host Naval battles started crashing after the “Apex Predators” update (released in December 2022).

There are some parts of the game code that cause the sever to crash. When more players play the game at the same time (e.g. during events) there is a higher chance that the faulty part of the code will be executed and crash the game server application.

Are the devs aware of this? They should be, because every crash and automatic server recovery is recorded in the sever log file.

It’s a different problem to determine which part of the game code is faulty. Maybe they think tracking down this bug isn’t worth the effort? After all, fixing bugs takes a lot of time, but doesn’t generate any direct income.

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What you’re suggesting is a level of ineptitute beyond even my poor opinion of Gaijin’s QA. Also gaijin’s habitual opaqueness about virtually everything makes the actual cause impossible for most to know. Either way, the servers are crashing with a high level of regularity.