Naval Server Disconection

Only game mode that kick you out more that you play Horrible event chance on naval + event make the game kick you more that you play annoing wasting 9-10 min battle and get kicked


When you get back to the main menu, quickly restart the game and you might have an option to rejoin your previous session. This option only pops up, if you restart the game and the match is still going.

Well, I was testing it a bit ofc this was happening before but with the event you need to push the boundaries for the Event points so what we discover is.

Not even mention losing Time and boosters for 0 gain.

Playing Japan for the torpedo in Arcade mostly BR 5.0 and 6.0 kick you out i tried it with people from my squadron, and it seems to me like Bug with Shimikaze or something.

Devs should test it seriously annoying

CptBolo I have tried it already logged off and signed in again in this case is not working.

The game has probably ended due to no active players present. I just had my first disconnect in a week or so. Exited the game, tried to restart and got this dumb error window about Easy AntiCheat (did some digging before and the EasyAntiCheat.sys file was still in use (not properly released by AntiCheat), so I had to restart Windows. Got into the game, got no prompt to continue and in Battle stats it was logged as a loss, but I didn’t lose the ship. The loss only happens if you do not rejoin the match, if it’s still going.

Second server disconnect in five matches. This one was still ongoing, so was able to get back in. It’s actually more people in a reconnected game than usual, so probably some people pay attention to the forum :).

Edit: Looks like my ship continued to swim and it went to the bottom of the map. When I got back in, 2 ships that I was able to see were still swimming, but nobody was controlling them and shooting.