Naval regular gamemode

I’m here to discuss naval regular battles.

Many players are becoming bored because we often spawn directly near the enemy spawn point. In my opinion, it would greatly improve the experience if spawn points were strategically positioned behind islands or other cover. A frequent issue in destroyers is encountering heavy cruisers that target destroyers immediately upon spawning. Additionally, these opponents are often AI-controlled China bots. Similarly, the excessive Moffett China destroyer spam quickly becomes monotonous as they start firing immediately.

I believe that maps like Ireland Bay are a prime example of a well-designed map layout. Implementing similar spawn configurations could effectively prevent spawn killing and immediate spawn shots.


-The Arctic map stands out as a favorable choice due to its minimal occurrence of spawn killing.
-I’m puzzled by Gaijin’s decision to lower the islands in Fuego Island, which has had a negative impact on gameplay.
-Coral island could be good if cruisers were not spawning front of them …
-Palaos island is good too ! But spawn are facing each others again.
-Black sea port is one of the worst map …
-saint joseph could be good, but spawns are dumb …
-African gulf is one of good map, but cruisers can shoot destroyers…

Actually, there are 2 huge problem. Bots and spawn to spawn.
I havent talk about uptier when you face of prinze (that should be 6.0) vs destroyers.

Many players are bored of those 2 huge problems. I think it could be great to change them fast …


indeed, I’m a agree especially bots are making the game unplayable, and annoying
it became a nightmare to launch a game in naval mode


Hi, same problem in naval. Tired of spawning in destroyer and higher because you get opened at the other end of the map.

Plus the countless bots (gaijin plus players). Still pass the bot gaijin to fill the parts but the bot players must do something and quickly.

The guys pull you to the other side of the world and destroy you while the real players struggle to shoot from spawn to spawn.

And we can add to that a big problem with the Moffetts and Blagorodni who in a single shot kills you.


Why are people hiding these posts? Gaijin has a news piece talking about botting. You are allowed to complain about them now.


Let’s just have 24/7 naval EC replace these shitty ‘normal’ maps and game modes already… If some people don’t like 3 hour long matches, then we can have a mini version for them that ends within an hour. Coastals-only matches should continue to use current maps and game modes.


I’ve actually un-installed WT from my SSD, and instead swapped it over to my HDD because I was finding that I was spawning in too fast in the NRB. I’d find myself the target of most of the enemy team as the first spawn in and getting destroyed. I now wait for more people to spawn in before I spawn.

The fact that line of sight spawns were considered a good idea. Especially when you spawn in so close together that I have actually gotten a double kill from 1 salvo before. Then something really really needs to be fixed.

I agree that coastal should stay as they are for now. But i think they should be only on covered maps like irlandbay, african gulf, san francisco. But not on open water map.

Then about enduring, we should have it as like SB plane, we should have lobby to join

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I agree that naval maps need work, but not exactly in the way you propose.

Changing the spawns around won’t fix any of these issues, as it’s a fundamental issue with how almost all the current maps are designed from the outset. Most maps are just too cramped for spawn-to-spawn shooting(or shooting after moving a little bit from the spawns) to not happen with any kind of spawn layout.

North Port, African Gulf, and Japanese Port are the best extreme examples. These maps just do not fit ships above 5.0 at all. Ireland Bay is also way too small, but thankfully cruisers don’t get matches on that map. Ireland Bay’s actual spawns also don’t look like that minimap picture, and the spawns face each other on that map as well. Franz Josef Land, Coral Islands, and Palau Islands are fairly large, but the islands in them are also huge, making the whole map still feel cramped and small. Andaman Sea and Norway are just asymmetric BS.

Black Sea Port, Fuego Islands, New Zealand Cape, and South Kvarken are the only maps where 5.0 and above ships kind of work, but there’s still too much spawn-to-spawn shooting.

There are 3 things we should do:

  1. Ban at least 3,000 bots every week, instead of 200 every month.
  2. Re-distribute the BR ranges at which certain maps are available. (this would also effectively impose some BR limits so that destroyers would see less 5.7+ ships and cruisers would see less 6.7+ ships, on small maps)
  3. In the long term, develop naval EC further, and make it the main mode for frigates(and other certain large boats) and above. It should probably be split into a 3-hour version and an 1-hour version, and each individual player should be able to opt-in or opt-out of either mode by their own choice. Separate BR brackets(similar to current air SB) will have to be created for balance(two brackets would be a good start). For destroyers/early cruisers and below, the current maps and modes with ‘normal’ BR balancing should also be available as an option(with necessary tweaks), and this should be the main mode for small boats.

the picture i have posted is what irland bay should be to avoid spawnkill.

I think that the BR shouldnt be +1.0, but +0.4-+0.7 MAX. That would decrease many bad balance

Thanks for the clarification.

I’d like that very much, too. But the air and ground guys have been asking for that for ages. So sadly the chances of naval getting that is even lower.

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My thoughts as well. They’ve made small steps towards the right direction, such as the new AI turrets and bases on the Franz Joseph map, but the same problem still persists across almost every map and mode: you spawn in and start firing. No maneuvering for better positions, no tactics to mitigate risk, just unending slugfests with no escape.

Another major issue is the bots. Although Gaijin has taken steps to address them recently, to those of us who play naval regularly it still seems as if nothing has changed. Every match is still full of Moffetts and Helena spam to the point where I usually wait four or five minutes to spawn in, allowing the bots to kill each other off a bit before I join the fight.

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I would like to know what devs are thinking about this,
We never saw them on the forum.
I’d like to speak with them to know what they think and their position about this.

Sadly that will never happen. The devs never come to the forums. Our best bet at getting a response from the devs would be to bring this up en masse during the next “intense feedback poll” some time later this year. Even then they could just ignore it.

And, do you think they read it or that @Smin1080p or other moderators send them message about complains or idea that have many “likes”
Even forum is not very used by the whole community

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Honestly I don’t know. We always have to wait endlessly… The devs almost never do two-way communication.