Naval RB

I really have to ask: When was the last time devs or mods have tried that game mode? It’s nice to have that new reporting mechanism but if I was to report every bot script, I wouldn’t do anything else for the whole match.

It’s been months since it was promised that something would be done. Still waiting.

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Did you miss where they disabled AI main battery gunners to prevent players from AFKing games?
Of course now naval games are suckier because you can’t switch them to “local control” while you do other stuff like AA, line up torps, and forget about flying a scout plane.
And those who want to cheat, just went and got themselves an aimbot , so instead of these AFK botty boats being easy kills, they now sit in the spawn and shell you with perfect brackets from across the map.
Careful what you ask for.

Just capture points and kill them. Easy win with lots of RP and SL.