Naval RB v. The Grind

Any like minded Captain’s want to share the stories of the struggle and possibly join up in game for some rounds? You all can add me in game, I’m Madwolf in clan FurDF. We can jump on Discord or whatever if you want to sail. Currently working on the USN, Italians, UK, and France.

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How’s the grind going for everyone? I finally have reached Italian Cruisers and blown through the Etna, which was surprisingly enjoyable.

I unlocked the Bartolomeo, and her forward magazine doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies, but I’ll give her a go tonight.

I’m also quickly approaching the Wyoming in the US tech tree.


Been playing the moffett in RB mostly for the SL mod, but I’ve almost reached rank 5, might go back and spade everything when I’m done with rank 4

I’ve got most of the USN spaded until Tier 5. I think I’m missing the Gearing and another DD added this year. The grind at 6.0 and on is pretty rough.