Naval RB must be changed

Hi Gj,
did you ever play Naval RB?

First, why must i fight against my own nation? german vs germans, usa vs usa, this is nonsens!!! change it!!! its realistic or not? in arcade is ok, but in RB? why this shit? it makes no sense…
second AI Boots Bots, shoot down every plane, easily, if you have a bot in the enemy team? be sure he shoots you down with the first shoots, from 3 km high and 5 km far away, thats nonsens to, why you dont change it? you want naval more interesting for players? change it!!!

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The matchmaker struggles enough with making full games, and you want to try to make it worse?

Every ship shoots down planes easily and automatically.

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the player numbers are not comparable and even then ground rb has bad matchmaker as is with nonsensical one sided matches at times, naval needs to change but making historical teams will do nothing noteworthy

Because not every player may be part of the same BR spread. If one player plays Germany 7.0 ships and another is playing Germany 6.0 ships the balance of the game may not allow them to be on the same team. It is more complicated than simply all of one nation on the same team.

I do play naval, and ships, especially those with higher caliber AA like the Des Moine’s 3 inch guns, will absolutely engage aerial targets at long distances. The 5 inch guns of the US cruisers will also fire at long distance AA targets as well.

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i never get a hit from a human player in this distance, always names are wilfried alfred rupprecht…etc…

why not historical games in RB? i play often against 1 BR+ its normal for me…thats not an argument…

With so few players in the Naval matchmaker, single nations may not have appropriate ships in the BR spread to be able to put them in the same team. For example, there are 4 players, 2 German, 1 US, 1 Russian. The German player’s are at 6.3 and 6.0, while the Russian Player is 7.0, and the US player is 7.0. If the Germans were on the same team, they would get toasted by much better ships. So in this example one Germany player would be on each team for BR balancing reasons. There just isn’t enough players in the Naval pool to allow matchmaking to have single nation teams right now.

Just make Naval EC standard gamemode for real


in that case they would need to make actual naval EC maps instead of piggybacking off of full scale air maps

then must search the match make germans with 7.0 ships or other nations who has 7.0 …

There aren’t enough players on naval to do so. If there were, bots wouldn’t be required to fill out games.

because large teams make 12 players or 10 players, lower the grind costs and ship costs and no maps with so many islands for blue fleet and you will have more players who stay with the mode

I have a desire to play RB, but I don’t want to play RB because Japanese naval ships have the same BR as AB even though they can’t use the infinite long lance.
The BR for Naval RB needs an overall overhaul.

If I’m understanding the OP correctly…I think they want less historical matches but not mixed battles? Kind of where each team has mutually exclusive nations so you won’t be facing enemies in the same nation as your own?
If that’s the case, I can agree although I suspect the current setup is due to a lower player count and the players that do play aren’t evenly distributed among the tech trees to make it viable; which is a problem they could avoid if they distribute the Naval vessels more evenly in each update. Japan doesn’t need five 7.0 ships right now when nations like Italy have two… (But this is the usual problem with Major and Minor nations that plague the entire game, but they could at least slow it down instead of just pushing ahead with power creep)

I get that, but that would not really stop the facing the same ship issue, since for example one of the top russian ships is an italian ship, many similar cases, but I do get that view point, I just feel the mode as it stands is kind of unfinished. Naval needs a lot of extra love, and yeah no same nation matchmaking could be a good start


Gonna go out on a limb here and say this event is the first time you’ve ever played naval if you think historical matchmaking is ever viable normally outside this current (for the mode) flood of players.

And good God with historical matchmaking 5.0-6.3 region will just be American cruisers and destroyers curb stomping anything that moves while 7.0 Germany hits 110% win rates.

don’t forget that HE shells rn are the most deadly thing since the first atom bombs

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